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The Anatomy of a Gift Wrap Station

12:31:00 AMCourtney Hale

Now... the anatomy of a gift wrap station!

First, a Christmas tree void of gifts. This clearly won't do.

Jack notices the lack of presents.

The Wrapping Station is set up! I sit in the middle of this where I can easily reach everything.

Wrapping Paper Container

Some of the gifts and stocking stuffers waiting to be wrapped.

Containers of bows, ribbons, gift bags, tissue paper, cards, tape, sharpies, etc.

I can't tell if he is impressed or frightened by the setup.

You can't assemble mass amounts of gifts without fuel. In bulk size.

Gifts are wrapped and placed under the tree!

It is full down there and much more lovely.

That wasn't even all of the gifts... we were still waiting on some to arrive in the mail. And I do not keep the stockings (with goodies inside) on the ground... Jack is a good dog, but that is very hard to resist... even for us of the human variety.

Kyle and Court

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