Crazy 10 Day Weight Loss and/or Get Healthy Challenge Sign Up

9:38:00 AMCourtney Hale

Okay everyone! Sign up in the comments section below if you are going to participate in the 10 day challenge. ONLY if you are actively participating... supporters, leave your awesome comments on our videos instead! You DO NOT have to have a blogger account to leave a comment, anyone can. =)
Let me know:
1)Youtube Name OR Blog Identity (if you are blogging the challenge instead of vlogging it!) OR Both (if you are doing both)
2)Your (real) name
3)Anything else you want to share such as encouragement, excitement, what you are planning, whatever

So, for example, mine looks like this:
1) kyleandcourt (youtube)
2) Courtney
3) I am SO excited to do this!

WOO!!! We start Monday, but remember, you can start WHENEVER you want. Just be sure to say what day you are on in each of your daily check-ins. =D

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  1. 1) MrsKLRivers
    2) Kassie
    3) So excited to have MORE than myself in this boat! =)

  2. 1) MyLifeMyStoryMe (Youtube)
    2) Amy
    3) So excited to see everyones video's. Here's my introduction type thing haha.

  3. 1) Matelkokoko
    2) Marianna
    3) Already in my day 1!!! Can I give up snacks, drink more water, exercise 15 minutes a day, replace white bread with brown for next 10 days? NOT SURE!!!! But I'll try my best. Can not wait to be a part of a weight loss group. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

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  5. 1/ Lifewith2
    2/ Jen
    3/ I'm so happy we're starting Monday! My intro video is already up so I'm ready to go. Can't wait to watch all of your journeys!

  6. 1)Shantrues
    3)I'm Starting today. YAY! Gonna eat fruits and veggies for snacks, drink only water, and exercise an hour a day. Time to shed this FLAB!

  7. OHHH i forgot to add my website!! sorry
    so i will re sign up.. sorry court..
    3)I already started will post my first video today. But here is my intro video !!!

  8. Ericadowdy (YT)


    I am so ready and excited! Monday is day #1!! Getting ready to flim my intro! I needed something like this to get me in the swing of things! Thanks!

  9. 1) kellafornia1964
    2) Kelly
    3) Excited to see the outcome * Lets stay motivated everyone!!! I am starting Monday ;-)

  10. 1) Life With Baby Kamryn (blog)
    2) Katie
    3) Excited to be doing this with a group...hopefully I have better willpower because its not just me doing it!!

  11. 1) caraleanne13 (Youtube)
    2) Cara
    3) I started Saturday & I'm also doing the 5K101! So excited to see where we'll be on Day 10!

  12. 1)MakingLifeSimple (YouTube)
    3)So ready to get back into better habits! Thanks so much for organizing this!

  13. 1)username684
    3)great idea, I'm glad I can participate, I would like to do a bit of yoga exercise every morning before feeding my son = very early jejee :-)

  14. 1) TheMomof6Boys (YouTube)
    2) Cheryl
    3) Glad you're postponing it until Monday as I have a lot of work to do this weekend getting my kids ready for Halloween. I was trying to figure out how to squeeze another video in. This is gonna be fun! Looking forward to going on this journey with everyone!

  15. 1) xxxxjunebugmamaxxxx
    2) Eve
    3) I am sooo excited to have other peole doing this because it will sooo motivate me too!!

  16. 1) Alilindsay10
    3) I am so excited to do this!!

  17. 1) couponista13 (youtube)
    2) Dawn Star
    3)so exicted! im going to portion control and drink more water. Plus more daily activity!

  18. 1)Kayleebob
    3)So pumped to take part in this! About to go do my Day 1 vlog right now. :)

  19. 1. Rmgarc5(youtube)
    2. Robin
    3. I don't know if I am more excited to do this or more excited that so many people are participating!??

  20. 1)Lucylife22
    3)Extra excited!!Perfect timing for something like this! :)

  21. 1) sanjapanja
    2) Sanja
    3) I need to start exercising again, and the timing is right. I haven't made any videos so far so I will blog instead. I will try to post my introduction tonight.

  22. 1) Jeepgirly89 ( youtube)

    2) Ashley!

    3) I can't wait for this, and to see everyone's success!

  23. 1) MsZeineb (YT)
    2) Zineb
    3) About an hour away from Monday!! So excited and ready for this challenge to finally start <3

  24. 1)weightlossjourney21
    2) Evelyn
    3)Im super excited about this 10 days.. Good luck to all..
    Here in my channel
    you will find my introduction videos and ofcourse my everyday vids..

  25. Count me in however I'm not VBlogging :(
    I'm old school (pin and paper)

    1) Hemingway2010
    2) Gadiva
    3) I am SO excited to do this!

    Trying to lose 20 pounds of BABY weight that i put on; DB is 5 months old :)

  26. 1) glemmestad (youtube)
    2) Demi
    3) Started today! Tomorrow is my birthday ... hehe great birthday present to myself to lose weight :) I am so excited to follow everyone through the next 10 days!

  27. I wouldlove to do I will start Tuesday Yah!!!!!
    youtube name cassieconnell
    name Cassie
    will do my intro before the end of the day my goal is to loess weight and eat more healthly fingers crossed

  28. 1) AmberL33004
    2) Amber
    3) my day 1 is going to be nov 2nd and I am going to try to go to gym monday - friday, and not eat fatty foods when i go out to eat :)
    i hope im abel to keep up, cant wait

  29. 1)MrsEricaDeniseS
    3)Hope this works for me.. Im excited.. Maybe a support group will work for me!! I will start Tuesday!!

  30. 1)1mitchypoo
    3)Woohoo! Let's do this!

  31. livenlife19

    sorry i am posting a comment so late,my name is Courtney and i am on my day five,i started a little sooner than everyone else,but i have to say i am loving it so far and having a blast with it!

  32. 1) Family4EverMore
    2) Kym
    3) I have a long way to go but am excited to know im getting there even if it is slowly.

  33. This kind of instruction was really a good and easy to follow for all viewers! Thanks for sharing your post.

  34. Wow! this is awesome. Gonna have it a try too. Thanks!

  35. 10 day weight loss? wow! looks interesting. Will look for more videos in Youtube. Thanks!

  36. I don;t think it is possible to lose weight in 10 days, but this sounds interesting. Will have a try with this. Thanks for the share.

  37. Seems like many are becoming interested with it. I would also love to try this one. Thank.

  38. Your crazy experience is very interesting! Want to try that out while I am working with fixing windshield.

  39. 1)jessNjon0808
    I just found this on YouTube and I'm totally excited to do this to, so here we go.
    I also have a blog,


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