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10:39:00 AMCourtney Hale

Hey everyone! Just a quick update on our first prenatal visit.

Everything went well, I have gained weight so I was NOT happy about that. Since I am not starting off in that great of shape I was hoping to not gain any the first trimester. (And yes, unless you are really thin, that is okay.) Oh well! They took 18 -no, that is not a typo- 18!! vials of blood. They only filled each half-way but, um, what? I was faint afterwards while we were walking out! I have a backwards uterus so it was hard for the doctor to feel it. He did say it felt enlarged. Kyle and I were laughing because while I was listing some symptoms to him, he kept saying "Good! That is perfect." Only when you are pregnant are things like nausea, fatigue, and sore breasts are good thing.

They didn't do my ultrasound! I was SO disappointed but he did call for one and it will be done this upcoming week, so still before Egypt. Very excited. They want to make sure everything looks good because obviously, they don't want me to miscarry over there. I didn't like when he said that, but I understood.

You should have seen his face when we told him we were going to Egypt. He kinda looked at me for a moment and then said things like "Well, I wish you had had the fill-in-the-blank vaccine." Whoops. When I had all my shots in November, I thought I was good to go. He said don't drink the water or the ice or things made in water like salad. Don't eat from street vendors. Avoid sea food (no prob... yuck!), make sure the meat is cooked super well, etc. He said to just BE AWARE. Part of the issue is that since I am so early along I am at prime miscarriage time. =( So if I got sick there, even if it wasn't totally detrimental to me personally, it could trigger a miscarriage. Very scary. He did say though that if I was just smart about washing my hands and eating carefully there should be no issue. Oh! He also warned of how because of the increased blood flow, there is a higher risk of blood clots in your legs, so on the very long plane flight it was recommended I get up a lot and try to keep my legs moving. Apparently blood clots are fairly common in pregnant ladies... who knew? So that's fun. He said just to tell the flight attendants I was expecting and they would know I needed to move around, that it is a well known thing. I might just move around and not tell them.

So there are a whole lot of details! Otherwise, I am super healthy and things seemed good. He did tell me when working out to keep my heartbeat below 140 and to stop every 15 mins to rest. That hardly seems like a workout, but okay. He recommened swimming and since it is goind to be blazing hot this summer, no problem. I am living in my parent's pool.

Kyle is excited to be in his last week of work. They are throwing him a goodbye party this Thursday at lunch at Chewys. He had to go get fingerprinted for his new job as well as fill out tons of paper work. He officially accepted the job after we found out they are definintly paying what we hoped they would. Yay! He is very excited.

We have packed up all excess stuff and cleared out closets. We have about 10 boxes full. A realtor is coming on Monday and there is a chance they may just purchase our house as an investment. We are VERY much hoping for that because it would just solve a lot of problems. We'll see. Pray for us! Meanwhile, I think we get a call every other day from the builders in Katy offering us more and more discounts to move there. That is a wonderful thing! We still want to look at inventory houses too, though. But we will move quickly because if we do decide to build, I want that house done and ready BEFORE the baby.

That is all for now! We started a pregnancy vlog on our youtube and are going to try to do weekly updates including belly shots! So I will talk and update there as well.

Love you all!

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