The Final Countdown

10:10:00 AMCourtney Hale

Eeeee! Last day before Sophie! I have my "To-Do Before Baby" list out and am trying to just... feel ready. On one hand, I totally do, but on the other... how can anyone feel completely ready for a baby?

It just feels so surreal.

We are going to attempt to keep updates traveling out via this site and our twitter. Obviously this depends on what exactly is happening and how we are feeling, BUT... we will attempt it. =)

We check into the hospital tonight. Here we go!

Kyle and Court

PS: Several new vlogs up on our youtube!

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  1. Watched your vlog on your hospital bag--great list! I think you are very well prepared and very well organized! Good call on the nursing cover, some of our friends definitely saw my boobs while I was in the hospital!

  2. Linda from Norway xxSeptember 7, 2009 at 3:57 PM

    Hi Courtney

    Ah, I'm so excited for you guys. The birth of your first child is so special - a life changing experiece! :) It's Monday night here in Norway now, and daytime in TX. I bet you're getting ready to go to the hospital in a few hours now...

    Good luck to the both of you. I will check in here and keep you in my thoughts!

    Hugs from someone who totally has butterflies. ;)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! First thing I did this morning was to check your twitter updates and oh, what a feeling I got when I saw that Sophia Noelle was born! Welcome to the world little one. :)


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