10 Day Weight Loss/ Be More Healthy Participants!

11:22:00 AMCourtney Hale

1. Ashley: Jeepgirly89
2. Lucy: Lucylife22
3. Robin: Rmgarc5
4. Kaylee: Kayleebob
5. Dawn Star: couponista
6. Alice: Alilindsay10
7. Eve: xxxxjunebugmamaxxxx
8. Cheryl: TheMomof6Boys
9. Naomi: username684
10. Sarah: MakingLifeSimple
11. Cara: caraleanne13
12. Kelly: kellafornia1964
13. Erica: Ericadowdy
14. Mariah: mariahemmett
15. Shannon: Shantrues
16. Jen: Lifewith2
17. Marianna: Matelkokoko
18. Amy: MyLifeMyStoryMe
19. Kassie: MrsKLRivers
20. Zineb: MsZeineb
21. Evelyn: weightlossjourney21
22. Demi: glemmestad
23. Juliana: juprof
24. Cassie: cassieconnell
25. Amber: AmberL33004
26. Erica: MrsEricaDeniseS [hidden channel]
27. Michelle: 1mitchypoo
28. Courtney: livenlife19
29. Kim: Family4EverMore
30. Jenney:(also blogs)Jlk6532

1. Sanja
2. Katie
3. Jenney

Silent Partners:
1. Lindsay
2. Gadiva

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  1. Hi Kyle, Thanks for the challenge, it really helps me get motivated, and I love following you and the other challengers. 'just wanted to drop a line to say I don't vlog so don't really know how to update on progress, but doing fine and sticking to my goals so far :-)

  2. This is very great thing you have shared with us. Now I found enough resources by your tips about this issue, Thank you.


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