*Shifty Eyes*

10:25:00 PMCourtney Hale

So I was doing that thing again. That thing where I don't blog b/c I haven't bothered to upload pics from my camera and worry about blogging without images. So dumb of me.

Normally, I really enjoy cold weather, but we haven't really had any, so I kind of got over it and now I am all amped for warmer weather. All my cute comfortable pregnancy clothes are warm weather appropriate (left overs from Sophie supplemented with a few new items that I purposefully bought for warmer times)and I just hit the mother-load on spring/summer clothes for Sophie at a crazy awesome clearance sale at Gymboree. (Side note: OH the cuteness I found for her!!! Embellished shorts and tops, sun dresses, sandals...) So of course, now that I have made peace with an apparently mild winter... it gets cold. Really cold. BAH. And now I am NOT in the mood for the chilly antics. I feel personally offended by this cold front. *shifty eyes*

Okay, so here is something not often talked much about in pregnancy. Sure, women mention it, but no one seems to REALLY let you know how it is. I am talking about baby bloat. Oh, the bloating! SO AWFUL. Seriously, I get all puffy and bloated and suddenly look 20 weeks pregnant. And it is SO obvious when I am not bloated. I look like I magically dropped 10 lbs. It is uncomfortable, annoying, and makes you feel a bit like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Now you know. =p

Sophie update:
Sophie gets the concept of "please" way more than she grasps "Thank you" and I am sure I know why. Please gets her what she is asking for whereas thank you is a seemingly random comment after the fact (at least in the mind of a one year old). She says it so preciously... "Pease!" with her little voice and big eyes. Ahh! I just want to eat her up! I tell her I love her so many times a days and I don't even realize I am doing it. She is exhausting, but also hilarious and loving. (And she loves me best.)


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