This is Halloween

6:07:00 PMCourtney Hale

So we pretty much celebrated Halloween from Friday to Monday, Monday being the actual day of Halloween. I love love love that Sophie was so into it. She never got scared but recognized that things WERE "scary". She would tell us something was scary and then giggle in delight. She totally got the fun of it.

Friday: Trick of Treat at Daddy's Office

Saturday: Zoo Boo

Monday: Halloween

And finally.... My two little skeletons. They are anything but scary. =)

BTW, I love Halloween. =)


Blast from the Past: Kyle and I at a Halloween Party in 2008, dressed as June Carter and Johnny Cash. We were mimicking a pose from "Walk the Line", hehe. =)

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  1. LOVE the way Grayson is looking at Sophia in one of the photos of them sat on the chair <3

  2. What a great post! We love Halloween at our house, so I really enjoyed reading about Team Hale's Halloween fun! The kids look adorable as usual!


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