New Due Date!

11:43:00 AMCourtney Hale

We had the anatomy ultrasound as well as my midpoint Dr.'s appointment. Everyone is perfect! Baby Girl Hale was asleep the whole time and really didn't want to be woken up. My due date has been changed from September 26 to September 29. Are we taking bets on having an October baby, yet? Baby weighed half a pound and all organs and limbs were perfect. She measured a little small weight and size wise, but all functional developments are right on track. She is just little. =)

I still only feel slight movements even though many of my pregnant friends are or were feeling much more at this point. I think it must be because she is little. I am anxiously awaiting more powerful kicks as well as being able to share her wiggles with everyone else via belly touching. I also suspect, especially after watching her on the ultrasound, that she isn't super active.

Here is a shortened version of the actual ultrasound:

The new travel system came in, so Kyle and I put it all together and even practiced attaching the carrier to the stroller. It is such a beautiful looking system. Love it!

I ordered the bedding yesterday because it was majorly on sale. I also got the mobile.


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  1. Hi Court, where are you buying your bedding? I love it! I'm so not computer savy but where did you get the great background for your blog page? Thanks!

  2. Hi! I bought the bedding at but you can find it at many places... search for it as MiGi Blossom.

    I got the image from
    I love them! They have such cute backgrounds.

  3. my birthday is september 29th. i will root for this date.


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