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10:06:00 PMCourtney Hale

*Sigh* Woe is us: We cannot decide on a name. There are so many names we like/love but nailing one down? Not happening. Tip: Suggesting names? Not helping. Hearing a name and then saying, "I like THAT name." Not helping. Asking if we have thought of names yet? Not helping.

Today we made one of many of the larger purchases for Baby H: A fancy-smancy Eddie Bauer Travel System. I wish I could find a picture with a close-up on the pattern... I will take a pic when it comes in. I wanted a gender neutral one although Kyle pointed out that since we don't want our children to be too far apart in age, we may need a twin stroller instead of the next kid getting this one. Whatev... they can at least use the car seat part. =)In mom news, I have started making embarrassing grunting noises when I bend over, stand up, or make other similar movements. I can't even help it, I lean over and "Ooof" or "Uh!" comes out of my mouth. The maternity guides state that " It is not uncommon to find your balance shifting during pregnancy at 19 weeks. Remember your center of gravity is off. You may notice it is more difficult to walk down or up hill with your changing center of gravity." My balance seems okay, I just find that movements I normally make suddenly seem hindered.

Additionally, yesterday, for the first time, I noticed something new. I was laying flat on my back with a sleep tank top on and I looked down and bam! Belly Bump! Now, it is obviously there when I stand up at this point, but it seemed a lot more strange from this angle because my upper stomach was flat (as stomachs tend to be when you are laying down) but then, right at my belly button and below, Boop! A bump. It almost made my belly button face back at me. Kyle and I were both like. "Whoa! When did that happen?" She is growing!

Have a doctor's appointment and ultrasound this week, yay. Can't wait to see her again! I am hoping to get some video of it, if they will allow it.

More from us all later!

K and C

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