12:14:00 AMCourtney Hale

We are ending out the 2nd trimester, huzzah! Baby just LOVES to repeatedly kick mommy SUPER high. Honestly, she hardly seems to sleep anymore.

I get my rh-negative RhoGam shot next week. Read about being rh-negative HERE. Then I start seeing the doctor every two weeks, whoa. Can't believe I am at THAT point. It is also time for classes, showers, and 4D ultrasounds.

We got a house! (again) Here are some pictures. The furniture is NOT ours, the owners are in the move out process. 2603 sq ft. / 4 bedrooms

K and C

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  1. wow, your house looks great. and i wouldn't want anyone to think that was furniture either!

  2. Saw your videos on youtube. I am A-, so I got that shot too---It stings pretty bad---just a kind warning! lol Good luck

  3. A beautyful house for a gorgeous family !

  4. What a nice house, nice and open! Congratulations!


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