Unexpected Hospital Stay

9:27:00 PMCourtney Hale

Hey everyone! By now most of you know that we had a scare at the doctor's appointment on Thursday that resulted in an emergency ultrasound, a 36 hour hospital stay, and bitten nails. The fear was Preeclampsia but it turned out to be a severe bladder infection, still not good when you are pregnant but much preferable to preeclampsia. I didn't realize I had an infection because the symptoms I was having I was confusing with normal pregnancy ailments. Oops.

Well, the good from it all was the unexpected opportunity to see our little girl again! She has gotten BIG. She was moving her head a LOT and the ultrasound tech was in a hurry b/c of the situation, so we didn't get the best pictures but... here they are... look at her adorable chubby leg!

Moving her head = blurry pic

Adorable even in motion.

K and C

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  1. Wow so glad everything is ok! (I mean except for the bladder infection...but it's better than precampsia!)furong

  2. oops that weird word at the end was the word verification.....


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