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6:42:00 PMCourtney Hale

So... Hi. =) My blogs have taken a backseat lately although I have finally started rolling the vlogs out. (Although, I am slowly putting them up so I don't have long gaps in between finding the time to do them!)

Well, things have been pretty fantastic. Sophie has a fairly routine night schedule now. Asleep by about midnight and up b/w 6-8 to eat. Then after eating and another 10-20 mins, will go back to sleep until around 10:30. Not to shabby. It would be nice if she went to bed around 10 or 11 but then again, she would be up at 4 or 5... so, a trade off.

Nursing has been an up and down thing. Actually, the nursing is great, but the supply is not. And I am doing everything imaginable to increase it. AND before you give me advice, know that I am probably already doing it. I bought a pump in style to replace my less powerful pump. I pump CONSTANTLY and COMPLETELY including during the night. I make sure I am eating and drinking enough and that I am not working it off. All that along with various other things like eating oatmeal. I make milk often but never large amounts, very frustrating. But I am hanging in there. I only supplement now when I am out or when she has emptied me and is still hungry... and oh man, she let's me know. That is about the only time she REALLY fusses, when she is hungry. It makes me feel bad b/c she will suck and suck and then get so frustrated b/c there is nothing left. Sigh. Out of all the things that worried me about nursing, supply was never on the list. I keep hoping it will just improve. We'll see.

I love taking her out. You would think I would find it a hassle, but so far, nope. I enjoy it! Although, of course, I learn ways to make it easier all the time.

She has gotten very long but she still doesn't weigh much for an 8 week old... about 9 lbs or so taking into consideration our scale may not be perfect. I am anxious to see how much she weighs at her 2 month appointment. She seems to be healthy and thriving. She is finally fitting into her 0-3 month outfits so I feel like she has a whole new wardrobe. Awesome. (She is wearing a newborn size in the picture, but it was sized fairly large.)

[As I type, she is staring at me over daddy's shoulder. Adorable.]

Not much of a blog, more later. =)

Vlogs being posted over the next week or so (not in order):
-Happy Halloween!
-The Nursery
-The Dog and the Baby
-What I Actually Used from My Hospital Bag: Mom Stuff
-What I Actually Used from My Hospital Bag: Baby and Partner Stuff
-Sophie's 1st Vlog (sort of)


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  1. Sophie looks adorable and I am loving the leg warmers!

    I am so worried about nursing also. I have talked to a few of my reletives and they had trouble with supply. I seriously cannot afford formula so I am hoping this will work.

    julia (a youtube stalker LOL)

  2. JEEZ! she is long! it's so cute!

    the milk supply thing is a bummer, but you're doing all that you can. i have the opposite problem, and it's HORRIBLE. i have to pump before and after i feed and it's very tiring. plus i leak all day long. i feel like i always smell like spoiled milk. it sucks.

    plus, having an over abundant milk supply causes my son to take big gulps, and then swallow large amounts of air... so i'm up all night helping him with his gas.

  3. I have no advice to offer except perhaps call the lactation consultant at your hospital. There are a few supplements you can take--but i'm sure you've already researched them. I wish I could offer more support than that, I know nursing is really important to you and I know it must frustrate you, hang in there! Sophia is adorable and is growing so nicely :-) How are YOU doing? are you feeling on the up and up?


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