Rockabye and Goodnight

10:56:00 PMCourtney Hale

I know, I know, I know. I have been M.I.A. from blogging and I despise when that happens because I always feel slightly awkward and guilty when I jump back in!

So, I just will.

For someone who is now a stay at home mom, I feel like my days are packed. Always something going on.

Sophia is wonderful, and I mean that. On January 3 (my birthday), we put Sophie to sleep in her big girl crib for the first time. Let me backup... Typically, this is how we put Sophie to sleep. Last diaper change, PJs or sleep-sack (if not already in them), all feeding gear transported to our master bedroom (burp cloth, receiving blanket, boppy), a final feeding (almost always nursing), Sophie then placed in a travel swing we kept in our bedroom -she was usually fairly awake still-, and then limited contact with her while she fell asleep... which she always would. Oh, and the TV softly on behind her (she faced us, not the TV) for background noise. Bam. Then we would transport her to her travel lite and she would go right to sleep, all through the night. Done. And she never slept in our bed, not even once. We don't have a problem with this, but our daughter apparently does. She will not sleep in our bed. Just won't -and that is okay with us!

Except, Sophie moves around a lot in her sleep. A LOT. And since the travel lite is smallish, she would eventually wedge herself in the corner, which couldn't be comfortable. Not to mention, I would wake up every time she did anything, so even though my infant was sleeping through the night-amazing!- I often wasn't.

So, we decided it was time to move her to her own room which we had thought early on we wouldn't do until about 6 months. First we had to get a monitor. And I do mean HAD to. Our house is a decent size which is great BUT the point is we can't hear Sophie AT ALL when she is in her room from our bedroom. Seriously, AT ALL. That could actually be dangerous. I was so not comfortable without a monitor. Anyway...

We decided to start trying to "sleep train" her, in that we would just work on getting her happy to go to bed on her own but she was not going to bed before midnight no matter what we did. Then..all of a sudden, a little over a week ago, she decided she wanted to go to sleep at about 10 instead. Okay... And when she gets tired, she WANTS to sleep. So, sleepy, awake, already asleep... doesn't matter. Lay her down and she will go to bed.

I am not complaining... but... we were expecting this battle and there wasn't one. And now it is quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of the day. A bath, clean diaper, PJs, story time, feeding, lights out.

Bonus? IF she wakes up during the night or early morning, she puts herself back to sleep within 10 mins of moving and a few noises, but no crying. Oh, and she moves less! I believe it is b/c her crib mattress is much more comfortable than her travel lite.

Well, sorry for going back and forth between past and present tense but I am very sleepy and it is time for me to put myself to sleep. After story time.


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  1. So jealous of your 2600 sq ft house! We have 975 lol. Sometime I feel like our house will explode with baby stuff!!!!

    We did the modified ferber then went full ferber--don't you feel good using the crib and having your bedroom back to an adult room?

  2. Awesome! Hope I have the same luck with my little one due in April =) ps... HAPPY late BIRTHDAY!!!
    -gayle aka: Fittness02 from youtube


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