House Tour, a whiter shade of pale, and sippy cups

10:53:00 PMCourtney Hale

So today I really really tried to do the house video. House video? you may ask... it's just how it sounds. A video of our house. I swear I get more requests for it than anything else. It is just not a priority to me at all, so it always gets pushed back. Oh well. Anyway, I got the husband involved and so it WILL be done tomorrow and then depending on the rest of the day, uploaded tomorrow night. Then you will have your precious house tour video! =p

This weekend, Kyle was cleaning the garage so I took Sophie outside to hangout. It was so nice. Shorts weather nice. My pale pale legs were like "oooo, sun." Honestly, for someone with hair as dark as mine, I am very lacking in color. Snow White = Me.

Oh, I so need to sleep but I am waiting for my vid to finish rendering so I can upload to youtube! Sophie "made" it. So go watch!

Oh! I gave Sophie her sippy cup for the first time. It is recommended you start them off at 6 months, which she is not quite yet, but she already tries to drink from my cans, cups, or water bottles so I figured what the heck. I filled it with water and a smidgen of juice (she has been "allowed" tiny bits of juice before to help with occasionally constipation.) I didn't put breast milk or formula in there so as not to make it seem like lunch. So... she just knew how it went. It was like she has always been drinking from them. The only trouble she had was realizing it was a little heavy and she needed both hands to get it to tip enough to drink from. She figured that out and loved it.

Night, all!

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  1. I compared the whiteness of my legs to michael jackson yesterday. I always wonder why people want tours someone's house or bathroom or whatever. I'm like "hello nosy much?"

    I don't put Breastmilk in the sippy cups either--dont' want to wast it!

    Mimi likes the Nuby sippy cups best :-)

  2. hey there! it's justjess... i changed my address to you should add me there to see my posts.

    your daughter has the most amazing eyes!


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