Hybrid animals, Snuggles, and Crazy cakes

10:41:00 PMCourtney Hale

Thanks to a certain someone, *cough-Jenney-cough* I have Cloudy by Simon and Garfunkel stuck in my head and it is making me reminiscent.

So, Sophie got a new giraffe as you can see her eating here:

Isn't it odd that it is stripped though? Kyle pointed out that that could be confusing. It confused him, at least. (hehehe) But, no, I get that it is weird. Kind of like a zebra-giraffe hybrid.

So Sophie has gotten so snugly. I assumed that once she got a hold of her head control forever ago, the snuggling in days were over, or at least would be a rarity. But then, some time in January, she started snuggling in. By this I mean, she would be upright while you held her looking around and then suddenly decide to basically nuzzle you. Now, as she is getting older, it has become more pronounced and most definitely intentional. And this isn't a tired thing. I adore it. She just reaches her arms around you and cuddles. Sometimes she is so happy she even scrunches up on you and lets out a delighted squeal about what I can only assume is how awesome we are. (to her, at least)

So, I may have Chris' Outrageous Chocolate Cake from the Cheesecake Factory in my fridge. It doesn't count if I eat it super slowly over a week, right? Right?!?!

Night, y'all

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  1. I used to think of deserts not in terms of calories but on minutes on the treadmill. According to caloriking.com (awesome site for restaurant calories) your cake (8.5 oz slice), has about 1000 calories--yikes. So for me to slowly jog on the treadmill it would take me 100 minutes to burn off that cake (if I didn't have bum knee and could jog at all!). So if you jog 15 minutes a day, all seven days, you would have burned off that cake. BUT---that 100 minutes just goes to burning off the cake--not anything else you've eaten. Does this help your choice? Do I sound like an evil dietician or what!? lol :-P Of course I would just eat it because I LOVE cake--especially chocolate! ps---jealous that Sophie got the gorgeous blue eyes---you also get gold stars for spelling my name right


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