Baby Back Rib Flavored Chips and Blow Up Pools

8:52:00 PMCourtney Hale

We hosted Father's Day at our house this year. Nothing fancy, just a Dad friendly meal of hot dogs, chili, chips, baked beans, etc. etc. Kyle found some Baby Back Rib flavored chips, hehe.

Sophia's fever broke on Saturday and she seemed better. However, she was in a bit of a mood Sunday and we aren't sure if it was related. Then today she was in the same mood and so I am thinking either she is still getting over it and feeling down or she is teething. She is clingy, short tempered, and sleeping a lot... although she is fighting to the death to not sleep. I have got to be honest, she was very annoying today. I tried to keep in mind she was clearly not feeling well but it was very hard when she would whine to be held and then whine to get down and play and NOTHING - I repeat - NOTHING helped/worked/solved it. *sigh* I do love her to pieces and I really hope she feels better. It has got to stink to be a baby and have no idea what you want.

Before she got sick, she went swimming in her new blow up pool. I got it specifically because the bottom also blows up so it is super soft and squishy and I can use it on the patio. She had a blast. Or should I say Splash? No, I really shouldn't. Anyway, she also loved watching Kyle and Jack play in the yard. Yes, she is naked. It was just easier and I think she thought it was a super awesome outdoor bath.

(And okay, I had Kyle bring me the baby shampoo and I washed her off in it at the end! I killed two birds with one stone. Win.)


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  1. hahaha! i think wyatt is annoying sometimes too. it's like he's gone insane or something. poor thing. and baby back rib flavored potato chips! be still my heart!

  2. I have the same pool, 7 bucks at super walmart :-)

  3. Oooh I might get one of these pools for Melissa! We tried the big pool on our apartment complex but it was FREEZING cold.

    You guys gotta be the cutest family ever!! You should all sign up to some modeling agency to do Mother's/Father's Day commercials :).

  4. I love your blog and I just wanted to let you know I left you a little something on my blog! : )

  5. Your blog is so adorable that I had to give you an award on my latest post! Go check it out!


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