Under, Over, and Through

9:27:00 PMCourtney Hale

Under the weather, over the weight, and through the exersaucer.

So for the first time ever -0ther than a cold-, I have a sick baby. It is just a viral sore throat, but ick! Sophia just feels down. I have to admit, she is a pretty easy sick baby. She is just eating less, cuddling more, and sleeping more (although a bit fitfully). And, as always, she prefers Mom. But she does that anyway. Honestly, this isn't a big deal, I just feel bad for her.

In other news, I am dropping weight! YES. I kind of stalled out for awhile even though I kept on trucking. I was getting annoyed when all of a sudden, the lbs just started falling off again. I seem to do that. Lose several pounds. Lose nothing. Then lose several more all at once. Then nothing. Repeat. Annoying, but at least the scale is moving in the right direction!

In other news, I have an adorable baby who enjoys crawling into, over, and under things.

Night, all!

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  1. She is very cute. Do you still have a lot of people watching your pregnancy vlogs?? well i am i am at 35weeks yesterday so i watch your vlogs in order. Can't wait for week 40 for me its sounds like you are going to go early but i will find out lol. i sent you a message awhile ago but did not leave my email, not sure if you respond but its hallen-mk9284@hotmail.com. Thanks for the nice vlogs! :) hope the baby feels better.

  2. Looks like you guys have the perfect little family. Sophia is gorgeous. I just voted for you at topbabyblogs.


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