Seriously, Vlog Sounds so Much Better than "Vee-Log"

10:38:00 PMCourtney Hale

I am exhausted but not ready for bed yet. Anyone else get like that?

Check out the cute shirt my sister got me! I usually steer away from this look b/c of my funky waist line and large bosoms, but I think it is cute and slimming!

Ugh, I have been eating so well, or if not well in small amounts and tonight I ate a lot and it is KILLING my stomach. I feel so uncomfortable. That'll teach me.

By the way, for those of you who don't watch my youtube, I am doing this 30 day self-imposed weight loss challenge. Basically, I am challenging myself to a month of being hardcore to see just how successful I can be if I really put my mind to it. I am on day 8 and I will be checking in about it every 10 days. Minus tonight, I have been awesome!

Does anyone notice that no one says "B-log" for Blogs (which is actually comes from "Web Log") but a lot of people say "V-log" for vlogs? That cracks me up every time. According to wiki some people do pronounce it "Vee-Log" but seriously y'all, unless you also say "Web Log" or for some random reason "B-Log" than just call it a vlog. However, if you do enjoy writing on your B-Log, than by all means, also record something on your V-log, hehehe.

Okay, must sleep.


BTW: I promise to do my tagged/award blogs that I got ASAP! =)

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  1. CUTE shirt, very slimming, you look really nice! I say Vee log, I am a werido---

  2. That shirt is really cute and I agree, it looks super slimming! I also hate it when people say v-log.

  3. YOU LOOK SOOO CUTE in that top!!!

  4. Haha i know what you mean about the vee-logs. The other days i was watching somebody's nursery video and they said "decal" like freckle not like d-kal! Love this shirt, way too cute :>

  5. Love the top! It is very slimming. I totally agree with you on the V-log vs Vlog...haha!


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