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12:31:00 AMCourtney Hale

No pics you guys. I have developed this paranoia about not having photos to place in my blogs ever since I read on another blog that this was boring. But that is stupid. It is a BLOG. To READ. And yes, photos and such are an AWESOME and desirable addition but I shouldn't let lack of graphic material keep me from blogging. Which it does. Constantly. I always seem to have the urge to blog when my camera is (be prepared for a whine) all the way downstairs! Moving on...

I have lost 4.8 lbs since Sunday. Wow. This "Kyle Diet" (refer to last blog entry for reference) is totally working. And I workout every single day. No exceptions. Well, except for today because my muscles needed a rebuilding day. I eat tons and tons of protein. My splurges are 268 calorie parfaits with Dannon Light in Fit Vanilla Yogurt, Strawberries, and half a serving of Special K Low-Fat Granola and also frozen raspberries*. I am kind of mad at myself for taking so long to get this motivated. If I had been this disciplined it would have taken me way less than 6 months to loose 20 lbs. One thing I have done really right is the working out. This means every ounce I have lost will stay off longer and that my metabolism will be better as well as my over all health. When I loose weight and am not working out I endure way more weight fluctuations. Anyway, I am super stoked. And so is Kyle, since it is his "plan". =)

Oh, Sophia. Your towering height is astounding but is causing trouble in the form of "Things We Thought We Had More Time Before We Had to Worry About It". Things like climbing. Oh, the climbing. She looks like a little ballerina with one foot almost on point and the other leg suspended straight out in an attempt to scale the couch. She is also smart about it. Annoyingly so. She pushes toys, pillows, whatever over to the couches to use as a step up. She coyly comes to you for what you assume will be a cuddle but quickly - and sneakily- turns into a race to the top as she deftly uses YOU to climb onto the couch. She is determined, to say the least.

She has also begun to really mimic our words. "Flower," I told her as I pointed to the flower stickers above her dresser. "Plowerrrr" was the unexpected response. Really? I wouldn't go as far as to say she can say flower now, but she was definitely testing out the sound on her tongue. She loves to do this. And flower is not the only word she has tried to repeat. I think it because of her joy with sound that she is able to say all the words she can actually say. This is her forte. Her good area. The area she is excelling in. Speaking. I should have known.

Moving on with the speaking subject, since she is currently in love with all things "B" the majority of her words are "B" words. Ball (she also calls balloons balls whenever she sees them), Block (she doesn't say the hard "ck" part well yet, but it is there), brown bear (yup, a two parter), book (this also sometimes comes out without the complete hard k sound), ba-ta for bottle, and Bye is her newest. Kyle swears she was repeating the word Box, but I wonder if she was actually telling him Block. I don't know. She also says "Dada" and "Da-dy" , "MaMa", "NaNa" (for no no!), "Ack!" (for Jack, our dog), "Daaw" (we think she is saying dog but we could be wrong... she only says it around the dog or when she sees a picture of a dog so...), "Hi". I think that is it.... She doesn't have hard sounds like "Ffff" or "Kkkk" down yet, but geez, who cares? She is really communicating! Now, lately she has started saying "Ba!" conversationally and sometimes other people think she is saying something specific like "Ball", but since we are around her all the time we can tell when she is just using the sound "ba" to babble and baby chat with us or actually saying "Ball" etc. Of course, it becomes fairly obvious when a ball bounces by and she excitedly screams "BALL!!!!"

Oh my, so many words. Good luck. And please excuse the glaring typos as it is 1am and I am too tired to care enough to edit! =p


*I have discovered that diaper rash cream (Sophie has no diaper rash, but we still use cream daily) under your fingernail mixed with raspberry juice turns that area around your nail black-ish. And is really hard to wash away.

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  1. Congrats on the weight lost Court.

  2. im glad you think that it is okay to blog without pics...I too have that paranoia about blogging with no pics and I'm glad you just came out and said it....it is about the words and the pics & such are just an added bonus! oh and sophie being able to say all of those words...amazing!!! go sophie!

  3. I'm not going to lie, I like pics, but I'd read blogs without them too! I'm so psyched about the success of the kyle diet!!!


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