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Well, we did it. We reached 1 year. It is funny how you feel like that isn't going to happen. Alright, now here comes the crazy...

This doesn't make me cry! It doesn't make me nostalgic. It doesn't make me want to jump in a time machine and re-live it. I know, I know... I am weird. And no, it wasn't because we had a horrible year. On the contrary, actually. I just... I don't know how to describe it. I adored this past year, and yes, I do miss baby Sophia. I suppose I am just so stoked with the Sophia of Present that I don't feel that seemingly obligatory Motherly emotional reminiscent tug of "My Baby is Growing Up TOO Fast!" I DO think, "Whoa, that was fast... we really need to enjoy her NOW." And so, that is what I try to do. When I think back to my tiny Sophia, I smile. She was such a little wonder. And you know what? She still is.

So what does Sophia of Present do now? Well, more than I should spend time typing. I feel like she knows SO much. She has reached that stage -and I swear she wasn't there even a month ago- where she can be taught anything. She says so many words. And real words, not just our projected hope that she is saying the words. And she signed "more" perfectly for the first time over the weekend. She wanted more to eat. She understands the words and signs for "Eat" and "milk" and "all done" although she doesn't sign or say those words yet. She has said "All Done" (well, it sounds like "Ahh done") but I haven't been able to get her to say it again for the last week, so I stopped counting it. Her newest thing is to say "wow!" whenever some is neat or "whoa!" when something is exciting. She says these words perfectly. She stopped saying "Hi" and now says "Hello" ... and often puts her hand up to her ear to mimic a phone when she says it. Speaking of phones, she knows she has to hold them to her ear now... or our ear.

She learned how to kick a ball in little gym. She stands in the downward dog position and I think she will be doing somersaults soon as well as can now hang onto a bar and support her weight (both feats also learned in Little Gym). She dances constantly. She claps constantly. She blows kisses and shakes her finger "No! No!" when she doesn't like something or is mad. She can do all of the above on command, meaning she understands the words/meaning for the activities and not just the actions. She likes to climb onto furniture and sit, to be like us. She has a new toy car and first puts a doll or stuffed animal in and then climbs in herself shutting the door behind her.

She finally stopped calling balloons balls and said "bah-oon" in front of the whole family. She walks more than crawls, although crawling is still her go to motion when she wants speed on her side. She started hitting at us when she got mad or frustrated and we would correct her by saying, "No, no, Sophia! Gentle! Give kisses instead!" and now whenever she acts out physically all we have to do is look sad and say "hey!" and she stops and gives us a kiss. This is wonderful on many levels. One, it distracts her and makes her think and two, it is teaching her to -in effect- apologize and that violence is not okay. This is a big important accomplishment in our eyes. She is definitely more sassy (my polite way of saying naughty and sometimes annoying) but we know it is because she wants so badly to express herself and we are getting through it.

She started drinking milk and I expected pure pleasure and instead got indifference. We are working on phasing out the bottles (we decided not to go cold turkey). Her hair has gotten crazy and is beginning to turn into perfect little curls. She still has no teeth. Not a one, but her doctor said they are right below the surface. Her doctor also said her communication skills were more on par with an 18 month old. (See, it isn't just mom bragging.) She failed her vision screening so we have to go see a pediatric eye doctor. She loves other kids. And bubbles. And small dogs. And cake. And watermelon. And broccoli. And Diet Dr Pepper (don't judge... we let her have a teeny tiny slurp sometimes). And ice cold water. She actually loves all her drinks to be very cold, including her milk. She also loves to hide behind something and jump up and say "boo!" at you. Or not even say the boo part and just laugh instead. She figured out that she can blow on a harmonica and make noise and now blows on all her toys to see if they will also make "music". Surprisingly, some do. She will put toys away. She can spend 30 mins repeatedly emptying and refilling a bag, purse, etc.

Are you bored? I made myself stop. Seriously, our kids -all of them- are amazing. I totally underestimate how intelligent they are. I find that I am just constantly surprised by what she knows or does or understands. Today, I said "Look at that cute foot!" and she pointed at her foot. When did she learn that? Apparently yesterday, my husband informed me. "I taught it to her," he said, like it was no big deal. That's a big deal to me! She knows foot! And also knee. Don't ask me why he decided to teach her knee. The point is.... she knows stuff!

So in the words of my daughter, Sophie, whom I am obviously very proud of and in love with, "Wow!"


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  1. Oh my, so she is smart as well as beautiful! You're right to be proud. I wonder how my (almost 11 month old) girl will do on her speaking skills, because I'm from Brazil, so I mostly speak to her in portuguese... I'm bummed bilingual kids take longer to talk :(. But congrats on yours, and please tell us about the party!

  2. Court, this makes me so excited about how my Sophie will be at 1 year!!! She is 7 months old now and just learning to crawl which I am finding exciting, but hearing all the things that your lovely little one can do now makes me so happy and excited about the future! I feel the same as you that it's better not to feel sad that they are growing up too fast but to enjoy the present and look forward with excitement and hope to the future!

  3. Nice legs! oh sorry, I was supposed to be commenting about sophicans---GO sophicans! Love her little cake!

  4. wow sophie is truly amazing & such a smart, beautiful little girl! congrats to you :) looks like she enjoyed her 1st bday!!

  5. We are so lucky to be blessed with these little wonders. I am amazed everyday at what my little one is picking up. You should be very proud that you have gotten through this first year with such a smart, beautiful little girl... they really are a joy aren't they! ;)


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