A Funny Beauty

11:17:00 AMCourtney Hale

I owe you all a blog post and I do have much to share, but for now this will have to tide you over b/c as soon as Sophie "wakes up" from the nap she is NOT currently actually taking, we are going to the Katy Rice Harvest Festival.

I absolutely think my daughter is beautiful. She is also hilarious. I think this is a winning combination.

I remember once in high school, a (cute,popular but stupid) boy told me I was "sooo funny!" and before I could bask in this compliment, he added, "but since you're pretty, you don't need to be funny."


The sad thing was that he meant it to be nice. Like I said, stupid. Anyway, I like that Sophie is silly and funny and laughs at jokes we make when she really is too young to get them but still wants to be a part of the fun. They say it takes an intelligent person to be witty. My husband is brilliant and also has the most fantastic sense of humor. We just have SO MUCH FUN. And Sophie fits right in. My hilarious, smart, and yes, gorgeous daughter. Why can't she be everything? She is, after all, everything to me.


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  1. wow the picture at the end is almost identical to you!!!

  2. LOl guys can be clueless... But if that's the worst comment you got during high school, then you are blessed! :)

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    Beautiful photo

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