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10:27:00 PMCourtney Hale

You know what is annoying? People who analyze/criticize every movie and fancy themselves a film critic. And they do this in front of the person who ACTUALLY has a degree in film. *sigh*  I get so irritated at people who can't seem to ever just enjoy a movie. I mean, COME ON. It is a FILM. For entertainment purposes. Do you REALLY expect your movie to cure cancer, make you laugh more than anything else in the universe, make the earth move, and find the answer to world peace all in a 90 min. film? Because I am pretty sure the only movie that could possibly do that would have to be called God, and the last time I checked he wasn't a film.

It is one thing to have to deal with those pretentious folks who share your major in college and at least have a little bit of an educational leg to stand on (although, those people annoyed the you-know-what out of me as well... just because we study film doesn't make us the end all be all experts on "good" movies) but when I get this from Joe Blow off the street, I just want to shake them. Really? Does listing all the so called technical errors, the supposed plot holes, the this-could-have-been-done-SO-much-better aspects of the film make you feel superior and knowledgeable? If you have the art of film making down to such a hardcore science, than please, by all means, go forth and make your magical, earth shattering, explanation of life film so we can all partake in the glory of what will clearly be the BEST MOVIE EVER.

And, where can I send my resume, because I would love to work on it. Obviously.


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  1. whoa Court! what got into your diet dr. pepper!? lol :-) what movie was this? I never get to go to the movies :-( Can I come visit again and go see a movie with you? Think kyle would babysit? lol

  2. hmm... i can see how this is annoying for you. i happen to not be as intuitive when it comes to movies. i never notice anything and i just like to watch it without really thinking too deeply. my husband on the other hand tries to figure out everything and it's so annoying. and then he talks about the movie in depth, later. i think this is literally NOT what you're talking about, but this is the only way i can relate to your problem. tell everyone to shove it. i hate pretentious people with a passion.


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