When You are a (Wo)man, Sometimes You Wear Stretchy Pants...

9:48:00 PMCourtney Hale

So, today at only 6.5 (or 7.5, according to my doctor) weeks pregnant, I bought some maternity pants preemptively. Black leggings to be exact.

One) I want one pair of stretchy comfy pants I can slip into over the next month or so before I really get into maternity clothes for when my normal pants get annoying.
Two) Leggings are already a staple in my wardrobe, so they can be paired with all of my legging friendly tops. Win!

I got these from Motherhood Maternity and since I am all leg with just about the shortest torso ever, I always have issues with pants, particularly skinny styles, being long enough. These totally are!

I also slipped on that fake maternity belly and imagined my near future. It made me super happy/excited.

In other news, Sophie towers over other 15 months old. It is the first time I have noticed how tall she is. It is CRAZY. In the past 3 days, I have had 3 different people think she was closer to two. No joke. One woman made my day though, because after I informed her that no, Sophie was not about to turn 2, but was actually not quite 15 months and just tall, she calmly explained that no, it wasn't just because of her height, but also her mannerisms. * PROUD MOM MOMENT* Seriously, I keep RE-LIVING that moment. We get that type of thing sometimes, usually people say something along the lines of "She doesn't seem as 'babyish' as the other kids her age" and she really, really doesn't. I never notice this until we are at Little Gym or when we run into kids her age at outings. She just seems... older. Kyle and I think it is because of how communicative she is. And she doesn't just communicate well, but is expressive about it. Honestly, I have no idea how many words she says now. At all. Because she says so many, and new ones every day. Signing helps a LOT. We started teaching her the sign for Thank You over the weekend and on Sunday instead of signing it, she just said "Thank you" (well, it sounded like "tank yoo" but still). I mean, what?! And she says short sentences now, like "Hi, Jack-Jack" or "More Water" along with not so good sentences, but still complete thoughts like "Bottle Nap Nap" or "Blankie Night Night" for when she wants to go to sleep. (Yes, my kid tells us when she wants to nap.) Okay, I know I know, I am being annoying, but I am just SO PROUD of her. After discussing this the other day, Kyle was wondering what we were doing right with her to make this happen so we can repeat it and I told him, not that I think we aren't doing a good job -because we do try- but I think part of it is just HER. She is just good at getting her point across. =p

Our next kid may be a man (or woman) of little words. It all depends on the child.

And no, this doesn't make me miss my "baby"... it just makes me excited and amused. Okay, okay... I'll stop.

So everyone and their mother thinks I am having a boy. I have NO CLUE. According to the Chinese gender chart, it is a boy. It was right with Sophie. We'll see.

More later you guys! Please excuse my motherly gushing and any sleep deprived grammatical errors. =)


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  1. I found your Youtube videos from your previous pregnancy really helpful. As I looked on your blog, I realised we're both expecting at the same time. Will be nice to compare how things are with you. :)

  2. Aww don't feel bad for bragging about her, you SHOULD be proud!! Read my post "Dear Anti-Baby People" if you want - it's about grouches who don't let you go on and on about your baby, when they go on and on about their baby-free adventures and we gladly endure it! :)

  3. hello to all in texas, all the way from a very cold and snowing scotland, uk.
    my name is arlene and im from fife in scotland. im 25 years old and am 6 weeks 1 day pregnant. i just had to e mail you to explain, i was browsing you tube 1 day and decided to pick someone's pregnancy blogs to watch and out of hundreds of blogs, your the girl that stood out to me, as you kinda reminded me of myself. I watched all your blogs, and have to say baby sophie looks a wonderful joy. then as i finished watching all your 2009 videos i realised you are expecting almost the same time as me. with your new pregnancy. it just blew me away. fantastic news! im really happy that I'll be able to watch your blogs every week as ill be at roughly the same stage as you. keep up the good work, ill look forward to your future blogs. arlene. x

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  4. Sophie sounds adorable and I wish my little sister would have been like that. She was born at 25 weeks but I am eleven and she is four and doing great in speech and is developmentally improving. I have a feeling Sophie and Olivia would be very good friends. GOOD LUCK and I can't wait to find out the gender of baby #2!!!


  5. Sophie sounds (and looks) so cute and sounds adorable!!! I wish my little sister would have been like that at the stage that sophie is at but she was born at 25 weeks and she was pretty delayed. She was only 1 lb. 3oz. when she was born and is doing great in speech and developmentally (for the most part) caught up. I thank Magee Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh where we live all the time. So it is okay to brag because you should be thankful that she is doing good. I'm eleven so you might think i'm crazy but I know what I'm talking about. My four year old sister Olivia shows me every day that I should be thankful for the fact that she is okay and living.

    brag about it!!!!!


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