The Invitation of the Year

1:59:00 PMCourtney Hale

Today I got invited to a 6 year old's Birthday Party. At one of those fun inflatable places.


And I really think the mother was inviting ME more than Sophie. I have this fun "run into" relationship with this adorable woman at Little Gym. Her youngest son is 2 and since my child only looks 2 but is actually not even a year and a half yet (crazy tall child), they are in different age grouped classes. When we are leaving our class, they are arriving for theirs. We always talk and joke and I just think she seems great. And besides, her son is pretty tall and I have a feeling I need to be scoping out cute, tall boy options for Sophie's dating future.

Here is the ruse. We are coming so the younger boy has a playmate. Ha! You may be cute, Sophie, but Mommy got the invite. And she is kind of embarrassingly excited about it.

BTW: Did you know this baby weighs about 1/2 a lb now? 

Almost 19 Week Baby #2 Bump


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  1. Aw love your more frequent posts! Let us know how the party went :).

  2. Awe cutest bump! Looks like a comfy shirt too! How tall is Sophie?


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