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Music Mondays (All Things Go)

9:48:00 PMCourtney Hale

I am starting my own blog thread. Do it.

I went back and forth on what song to pick first. People ALWAYS ask what kind of music I listen to, so this felt like a lot of pressure. Honestly, my favorite music is of the modern day folk variety mixed in with orchestral instrumental folk. (If you put some string instruments into a song you have one me over.)

But I like A LOT of different things. I hate any question that involves "what is your favorite..." specifically when it comes to movies and/or music.

I just shook off the self-inflicted pressure and picked a (very old) favorite.

Two versions for your listening/viewing pleasure. (This song does not have an official video.) The first is a live performance from the show Austin City Limits. (If you have never heard of ACL, then you probably aren't really into music, which doesn't matter... it just means you aren't pretentious.) The second is one of those lame youtube fan videos BUT it lets you hear the actual song, and, hey - that is what this is all about.

Sufjan Stevens

Love!! (Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day!!)

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