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Oh, the madness

3:02:00 PMCourtney Hale

Sophie started a new Little Gym class today. She was bumped up to the next age group. She is still technically a month shy of that class but trust me, she was ready! The class is full of nice moms and wonderful kids! So that went smoothly... (yay!)

In other news, my home is in shambles. The office is becoming the new nursery. The guest room must now house some of the office stuff. All other items must be sold/donated/or find another place within our home. Oh, the havoc! So... the office is MOSTLY cleaned out. This means that a plethora of items are stacked in the guest room and have been added to the "Organize" to-do list. The large corner desk and hutch are now sitting on my side of the garage waiting to be brought to its new home at my parent's house. (Meanwhile, I am parking my car outside - NOT preferable.) My "office" nook in the game room is now both Kyle and I's nook.

Our neighborhood has bi-annual by approval only garage sale and we signed up for the one this spring, so our formal dining room is now host to all items deemed "Sell-able". Kyle and I have never done a garage sell. We just donate stuff, but we have enough that we figured we should try. We purchased a [gorgeous] new chest and yet another bookshelf to help give us more storage space. And so on and so on... you get the idea. The point is that nothing is quite done yet, but is instead in the process of getting done. So, in the meantime, I don't plan on having guests over. It is amazing how much rearranging has to go into reallocating a room! I'm excited though. A lot of this stuff NEEDED to be done and after that garage sell, etc. we will have a rearranged home with less stuff, more accent furniture, and a brand new nursery right across from Sophie's room.

(Thank goodness Kyle and I are NOT pack-rats. We don't hold onto a lot of stuff. I can't imagine how difficult this would be if we were.)

Everything from the office desk and closet. Some of this will go in our new accent chest, some in the guest room closet, and some gone for good. Note: I can't put on the freshly washed guest room sheets on account of the havoc. 

 Kyle and his dad finished the chair rail! Obviously, some of the items left in here need to be removed. Note: I have started moving items from Sophie's room and other baby related things into the new nursery.

On a different note, we went to the zoo last week and Sophia was over the moon. This wasn't her first time, but it was definitely her most interested time. (It was St. Patrick's Day, hence the green!)

I love her undefinable colored curly hair. Her dress is from Mimi, Jenney's daughter. Check out her blog here: Adventures of JKL

And finally, Kyle and I went to our first ever consignment sale. We were both disappointed in the actual sale, but we loved the vendors that were also there. We actually won a "Baby's First Year" photography package from this one adorable photographer. So excited!! I feel like I never win anything!

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  1. Adorable pics (even of the madness :). You've always been pretty (since I first saw you on your pregnancy vlogs with Sophie), but in your latest pics/videos with this pregnancy, you're the prettiest I'd ever seen. You're glowing!

  2. Um what do you mean no guests!? I'm coming anyway....

  3. your daughter is crazy gorgeous!

  4. i LOVE that dress. did jenney make it? dresses & hair like that are what make me want a girl. the picture of you and sophie is awesome.
    i just noticed you have a button! i'm going to put it in my blogs we love section

  5. OMG her hair is soo pretty :) so natural! The pics looks awesome looks like you guys had a fun time! good luck with the nursery! Can't wait to see the finished product ! :)

  6. Love the Zoo pictures. The one picture of you and Sophie was so cute, the one looks like it could be in a children's magazine. XO

  7. If you have lot's of stuff and don't know where to place them, then I suggest that you rent a storage unit for all of those.


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