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4:35:00 PMCourtney Hale

You guys, I am SO lost about what to name our son. I just don't know. I HATE naming children. There is so much pressure. I want him to have a name already. I want to call him by that name instead of "this one" or "the new baby".

I had a dream we named him Nate. Great! you may say. It is a sign! But it isn't. I like the name Nate but that is not his name.

It doesn't help that one of our favorite agreed upon names is Jackson. But we have a dog named (Captain) Jack (Sparrow) and that is a little too awkward. Plus, when we first mentioned we liked that name when we were pregnant with the then gender unknown Sophia, my mother jumped in about all the Jacksons we had in our family, even though I had never heard of any of them in my entire life. That sealed the deal. Our child is not being named after a plethora of relatives I didn't even know existed. The name was/is ruined for us. Ruined.

Don't get me wrong. We have a list. The list. The list of names that gets more meaningless instead of more enticing.

I wish he could just tell me what his name is already.

In 5 years, when little Nate Jackson Hale is running around the house you can remind me of this post.


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  1. Names are hard! It's a lot of pressure. We got lucky with Sheri, my husband always knew if he had a daughter she'd be named Sheri after his cousin (she passed saving someone in a fire when they were 18) and we knew if it was a boy we'd name him Greg after family on both our sides we looked up to, but when we had our second girl, we were totally lost. Even if you don't have a name before he's born, once you see him a name will pop out at you and it'll be his name. Don't stress yet, you've got time, and soon enough he'll let you know what he wants to be named :)

  2. I always go for the bible for boy's names. such solid names that aren't trendy or weird. so far we have Nathaniel, Joshua, Eli and Samuel. If we ever have a girl I don't know what we'll do. I don't care for jezebel or moab. hahaha Good luck!

  3. Names are so hard! I agonized over Claire's name. My MIL didn't help matters when she said she had an uncle named Clair...

  4. This website is really cool, Court. This woman is a name-professional.


    She says "This site is meant to help you find the right name for you, your child, and your family." Sounds like what you need!

    And for the record, I love the names Lucas and Walker :)


  5. We had that problem with a Girl's Name this time. We chose one, but it's still just not quite right, we keep bouncing around. But we have a bunch of Boy Names we like. Nate is CUTE! We Like, Titus, Barreck, Garrion, Garrison, Griffen, Garret, Vincent...In case that helps. This Might Help you Courtney: http://www.nymbler.com/ You Put in Names You do like and it suggest similar names.

  6. I know how you feel! When we were picking out names for our son, I read the baby name book over and over again until 1 day my husband just suggested Phoenix. And it just felt so right for him!

    Hope you find the "right" name soon!

  7. How about Nathan and Nate for short?

  8. I had the hardest time picking a name for my daughter! We didn't decide on her name until a week or two before her due date. Friends told me to do the "business card" test where you see if the name would look good on a business card when they grow up. The boy names we had picked out were Andrew and Ryan.

  9. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who struggles with naming their kids. It seems like everyone I know has had names picked out for most of their pregnancy, if not most of their lives. When my daughter was born, my husband and I had agreed on one single girl name (thank goodness she wasn't a boy!) and had to decide on a middle name in the hospital so we could fill out the paperwork and go home.

  10. Conner,Brody,Brayden,...Lane..Trinton,Christian,....hope this helps.

  11. I know it's so hard, and such a huge responsibility! My husband and I like the names Everett, Owen, Matthew, Slade, Harrison, Daniel, and Mason.

  12. What do you think about:
    Charles (Charly)


  13. Aww I can only imagine how difficuly naming a new baby can be. I think its either super easy cause you already know the "perfect" name for your new baby, or its a complete disaster cause no name you can think of seems like "the one". Unfortunatley Im not a mum so have no experience naming children so I can't offer any help! I'll just say that, I wish you all the best in finding the perfect name for your little man, whatever you pick will be awesome - look forward to finding out what you and kyle decide! take care

    xx christie


  14. Well, I was suppose to have a boy with my second child. I just knew that what "it" was until the 19 week ultrasound when the technician informed my husband and I "it" was yet another girl. I was so sure that I had the name already picked out. Cade Michael. I don't get to use it and now I have two wonderful daughters, Addison and Savannah. Good luck!

  15. I meant to write Ethan and Leviathan (Levi for short)

  16. When picking out a name my husband insisted on having a name that sounded good when called out on the football field :P So Gabriel Colton was born :D It was so hard finalizing the names for our girls. We had 1 picked out & having to pick 2 wreaked havoc on something we thought we had already picked out :P Ateast you only have to come up with one :P I think Nate Hale is really cute! :)

  17. Whatever you pick will be great, which i heard can be heard, i bet the ones i like now will change when i actually do have a baby.I would fell odd calling my baby some odd thing while they are still in my belly, it just odd to me i know when i find out i will call the baby it's name. Thanks for "liking" my fan page on face book.
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  18. I like Levi, thats what i would have named Mia if she was a boy :)

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  20. i likt bently,cooper,nathen,owen,and blake if this will help you at all.

  21. Courtney, I found this Vintage Travel themed nursery online. It's so funny, that they are in Texas too AND they have the same prints as you!



  22. My husband's name is Nathaniel and he goes by Nate. I think it is a great name. In high school everyone called him Nathan. I agree with you about naming children it is really hard. I have made Nate name everything including our daughter, the dog, and the three cats. We named our daughter Meadow and that turned out great. Good luck and I can't wait see what you decide.

  23. my sons names are landon and rylan...i love unique but not crazy names (my daughters names are savannah and quinn)....we also thought about grayson, braydon, parker and sawyer for a boy.

  24. my son's name is Griffin Thomas and I love it more all the time :)

  25. i soo want to tell you my boy name ideas, but i can't because 1. i might get another boy and 2. we're sorta like youtube sisters hehe does that make sense or am i being weird!? it'd be like having the same name in the family. Back when you announced the name Sophia, i crossed it off my girl list :P

  26. Ummm here are some ideas: Leighton Michael, Kaydan Michael or Kaydan Lee,Triston Zachary, Triston Lee, Braydan, Eli, Payton, Jacoby, Landon, Cameron, Dylan, Tyson, Steven, Joeseph, Branden, Chase, Jason, Matthew, Brent, Sebastian, Tailor, Aizik, Shane, James, Lucius, Adam, Shawn, Jett

  27. Here are some option that I thought you might be interested:
    - Elias
    - Brody
    - Kaleb
    - Rylan
    - Jaccob
    - Issac
    - Connor
    - Blake
    - Joseph

    *I actually came across these names when I thought I was having a boy with this pregnancy. But it's another girl so I thought to share these option I had for myself to you... I know finding a name is hard because this is a life time thing, but its also fun knowing how many interesting names are out there. Good luck!!!

  28. My baby Nathan didn't get his name till he was 3 1/2 months old. We couldnt decide. His Dad decided on Weston when we left the hospital, and I insisted on changing it within the first week, he thought I was a bit nuts at the the time, everything that I came up with he did not like and everything he liked I didnt. We now have a Lindsay, Jason and Nathan. Named him at his baptism actually. He is now just turning 10 months old, and I am still getting used to his name. I still cant believe this is so hard for me. So your not the only one!!


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