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Genuine Captured Moments

11:50:00 PMCourtney Hale

 Look, Gray! That is a camera and this is how we vlog.

I was cleaning off my memory card and I have my filming devices set up to automatically take still shots as they record. You get a lot of awkward pictures this way (think: mid-sentence mouth, half blink eye, funky expression) but you also get a lot of gems. Genuine moments captured instantly.

That's right. He gives kisses now. And he gets a death grip on your face before forcefully pulling you in and planting that juicy number right on whatever part of the face he can get to.

 You can't see it, but we are nursing here. So sweet.

Gray and I are buddies. No one gets him like I do. I am so glad he came into our lives.

lv, Court

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  1. So cute! Good idea setting your camera to capture stills. Lot's of great moments which would otherwise have been missed.

  2. Wow great pics. Precious lil boy you have for sure!


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