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It has to be PRETTY

12:05:00 AMCourtney Hale

So it happened. I just celebrated a BIG* birthday. It insistently thrust itself upon me the way birthdays do... whether you are ready for them or not. My birthday always marks the end of the holiday season. In my family, it is game on from Halloween through my birthday (the 3rd).

We quietly celebrated with dinner out and cake/gifts at our house. I plan on having an actual party at the end of this month... something fun with a pretty cake. It has to be PRETTY, I instructed to Kyle. I learned a long time ago that I am the only real party planner on both sides of the family. If someone gets a neat, thought out party... I'm involved. It used to hurt my feelings because I would put a ton of effort into all the little details and such that make an event really special... but my birthday would arrive with no agenda, no thought out plans, no real effort. You know what that equates to in your mind... no one cares enough to put in that special effort. I am a pretty dang positive person but year after year, this would get to me. I would feel sorry for myself. BUT... I decided a couple of years ago to get over that and not be so sensitive about it. Now I know if I want something more special, than I can make it happen myself or nudge someone in the right direction... and that is TOTALLY okay. Plus, I get to be involved in the planning, which I enjoy. =)

So, long (whiny) story short... I told Kyle: We must play games. They (the games) must be mindless so that we can all talk. It must involve black and white attire. And pink. But not a dumb shade of pink. It must contain a photo "booth" room. And it must have a FANCY PRETTY CAKE.

Why am I being so demanding? Because, like I said, this is a BIG birthday. You know... the milestone kind. 

Sophie sang and/or wished me happy birthday starting 2 weeks before my birthday. "Happy Birthday, Momma!" So sweet.

Sometimes birthdays don't seem as big a deal when you get older, but I don't like or agree with that. They should always be a big deal even if the celebration is low key. They're important, just like you.

lv, Court

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  1. I love the requirements of your birthday. I couldn't agree more, I'm celebrating my 27th on Friday. I'm not a fan of having my birthday this time of year. Your cake looks yummy!


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