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9:05:00 AMCourtney Hale

I have, and have always had, this thing for lists. There is something so cathartic about listing out whatever little this or that is on your mind. Need to schedule out the rest of your day? Make a list. Grocery trip? Make a list. Daydreaming about a vacation? Make a list. Lists can be as much an outlet as they are a useful tool. And I love them.

So when my favorite site for planners, Erin Condren, relaunched their simple but awesome notebooks, I was ALL OVER those little potential list containing pages. I decided to buy two. One to keep and one to giveaway.

At this point, I should say, this is NOT a sponsored ad. Nope. I just like these little notebooks. I really utilize things like this in my life and I thought it would be nice to spread the love.


To enter: 
KyleandCourt's Erin Condren Keep It Simple Notebook Giveaway

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  1. Although, for some people, it may seem a bit needless, putting things in writing helps in the pursuit of achievement. It forces the goal-setter to truly examine a task and to reflect on the steps that will yield a desired outcome. Write down what you want to achieve and outline the intermediate steps necessary to get you there.


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