HP MyPrintly Mom Meet-Up!

5:20:00 PMCourtney Hale

I was thrilled to get invited to The MyPrintly Mom Meet-Up in Austin, Texas recently. HP and MyPrintly hosted this event to let us Mom bloggers (or in my case, Vlogger, yay!) socialize and play with some of their awesome printers and apps.

It was fun. Like, for real-I'm-not-being-paid-to-say-this fun. And now I want a new printer (we actually need one) and I won't be happy unless it has e-technology built in to allow me to #hashtag print. What's that, you say? Exactly what you would think. You can set up a hashtag (whatever you want) and any photo you tag on social media with that tag will automatically print on your printer for you to have and to hold (and not just glance out while scrolling through the millions of other photos you've taken). I was thinking how incredible this would be at a party. Share a special party hashtag with your guests and let them print some of their own photos while there! Photos they can take home as keepsakes or that you can keep for the memories. LOVE IT! I need this in my life but will have to wait as the friendly HP rep told me this feature won't be available on their printers until later this year.

Another idea that stuck out to me was their HP Instant Ink program. Basically, YOUR PRINTER ORDERS INK FOR YOU WHEN IT IS RUNNING LOW. What?! This would make my life easier and more colorful being in that I constantly run out of color ink first followed by the black. Always. Right when I NEED to print something super important and I have to leave in 5 minutes or we will be SO late. And - wait for it- this refill system is MUCH less expensive than what it normally costs us to refill. This makes Momma Court happy but it will REALLY make Kyle happy. And then I could actually print all the party printables I love to make without feeling guilty about using all the ink. And I could use the MyPrintly website to get my printables! See what I did there? But seriously, they have so many cute ideas on that site...

Okay, so there is so much more I could tell you about like how they had an ice cream sundae bar and a cupcake decorating station, or how they didn't care that we were printing a million instagram photos from a year ago, or how I used their HP Cards app to print my mom a thank you card for watching the kids so I could go play but the bottom line is that I genuinely enjoyed myself, the products, and the people. I was so grateful to be included and also thankful that the HP reps seemed to truly listen to our thoughts and opinions about the products.

I'll let the video do the rest of the talking (I am more a vlogger after all!) and I'll end by saying thank you to HP and MyPrintly for a fabulous time!



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