Amazing Pork Dry Rub! Plus Tips for the perfect Pork Tenderloin!

6:49:00 PMCourtney Hale

So as weird as it may sound, I have always been really intimidated by pork. I don't eat it or cook it almost ever. (Except bacon. Bacon is always an exception.) However... my husband and even kids really, really like pork tenderloin. I would occasionally pick up pre-seasoned ones from a local grocery store but then one day we found an awesome deal on a two pack of pork tenderloins at Costco and BAM. I needed wanted to make this work.

So after a lot of trial and error, I figured out  a dry rub that was an evolution of bits and pieces of what other people recommended that I carved out into my very own version of what I consider one of the tastiest pork dry rubs ever. And, not to stop there, I also figured out what worked best for keeping my pork tenderloin moist, delicious, and so flavorful. YES. Never would I have thought I would be this pleased about something involving pork.

Below I am going to share with you both the dry rub (a Sweet version and a Sweet and Spicy version) as well as how I cook my pork tenderloins. The dry rub can, of course, be used for other dishes/meats and can be sealed and stored for up to 2-3 months. Be sure to watch the video to get more details on the whole process.

I hope this helps out any other person looking for a more surefire way to cook a pork dish but more importantly, I hope you enjoy it! =)

(Full Recipe Below)

Video How To:

Full Recipe:
Amazing Pork Dry Rub and a Delicious Pork Tenderloin Recipe

1 1⁄2 cups brown sugar        
3/4 cup sugar        
2 tablespoons ground & coarsely ground black pepper
1 - 2 tablespoons kosher salt        
2 teaspoons ground ginger        
4 teaspoons garlic powder        
4         teaspoons onion salt        
1        tablespoon dry mustard        
1 1⁄2  teaspoons ground cumin                
1/2    teaspoon dried thyme (crushed)
1 1⁄2  teaspoons paprika

For the Sweet & Spicy version:
1/2 - 2        teaspoons ground red pepper (cayenne)


Whisk ALL ingredients together in a bowl. Make sure all elements are completely incorporated.

Using a large deep pan (around 9x12), line entire area with foil leaving extra hanging over the pan sides.

Add about 4 large spoonfuls of the dry rub to a gallon Ziploc bag. Place one pork tenderloin into bag and seal. Mix and shake until pork is fully covered. Place in foil lined pan. Repeat with a second tenderloin. Leftover dry rub can be kept in a sealed container for 2-3 months.

Let the pork sit in the refrigerator for a minimum of 15 mins but you can leave it as long as over night.

Heat oven to 325 degrees F. Pull the excess foil up and around pork. Leave the top tented, not wrapped, over the two tenderloins. Cook between 1-2 hours (the time greatly depends on the size/thickness of your tenderloins as well as your oven. Make sure pork is white all the way through and once done, let sit for about 10 mins before serving. Enjoy!

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