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9:54:00 PMCourtney Hale

We had a DAY today. At 9 this morning we went in for the 4D ultrasound accompanied by my mother, MIL, SIL, and sister. It was awesome! I was told I had excellent fluid, so all that water guzzling has paid off. The baby looked, well, adorable, but I am totally biased. I will post pics and the video some time this weekend.

We rushed back from that to pick up our dog, transfer him to K's parent's house (which is closer to our new home) and then headed over to the closing. So yes, we CLOSED ON THE HOUSE today! AWESOME. Our 2nd official home. It actually took almost no time at all. I remember it taking longer when we closed on our first home. So we left that on a happy little high, although I was super hungry.

Then was a quick lunch, after which we grabbed the dog and went to our new home!!! We wanted to introduce Jack-Jack to this house to get him used to it. We did a walk through again decided which bedrooms would be what, how our current furniture would work, what furniture wouldn't, and so on. Then we returned to K's parent's house to book a move-in cleaning crew, vent cleaners, carpet cleaners, and sprinkler installers. THEN we went back to the house where K's parent's, sister, grandfather, and my parent's, sister, brother-in-law all met us to view the house. Phew.

Right now, my sister, her hubbie, and mine are all painter's taping and priming the bedrooms to paint. I am back at my parent's house (with Jack) relaxing.

This weekend, everything is getting painted. Monday the cleaning crew is coming. Wednesday the vent cleaners and carpet cleaners are coming. No idea when the sprinkler people are coming but soon. then with a very clean home we will start the move in process. The big move will be on Saturday. I am going to spend this week figuring out what else needs to be done... like getting rid of the awful flowered drawer and shelf lining.

Pictures soon!

K and C

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  1. I'm so excited for you and for your new house! We closed on our first house 2 years ago and I had gotten food poisoning the night before--so the entire thing was kind of a blur to me! Way to go you on getting the cleaning crews in there right away! I wish you a smooth move and happy nursery planning!


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