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10:09:00 AMCourtney Hale

So, since we closed on the 17th, everyday has been House House House. And that is okay! We have had so many contractors and workers in and out but it is good b/c stuff is getting DONE.

List time!

Completed by contractors:
-Cleaning Crew (yay, super clean house!)
-Carpet steamed
-Tile and grout cleaned
-Tile estimators (we are tile and re-tiling the bathrooms)
-Sprinkler system installed

To-Do by contractors:
- Lay new tile in bathrooms
- Order and Install new oven
- Fix Left side Garage door opener

Completed by Us:
- Bulk painting: Office, Guest Room, Sophie's Room
- Move in (everything is now out of storage and in our home)
- Put furniture back together

To-Do by Us:
- Painting touch ups
- Master Bathroom painting
- Unpacking (ugh!)
- Putting Sophie's new furniture together
- Ordering new furniture (living room, breakfast room)

Obviously, there are more little things but those are the big ones. I am excited to finally be putting the house together. And I LOVE our new home.

The bad thing is that I am not very productive an account of my huge belly. And my legs and feet swell so easily, which is, you know, super attractive. Blech.

We have a safety seminar tonight where we will get our car seat installed and inspected. Awesome. =)

K and C

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  1. I cant help but notice your baby shower is on the 8th! Mine is as well! Hope it is more than amazing! Just a little over a week away how exciting!

  2. i'm really hoping that you do have your baby on the 29th! that's my birthday and it's a good one. i love having my birthday in the fall.

  3. I'm so excited for you, don't stay on your feet too much! What color did you paint your nursery?

  4. I know you are wanting to get everything done, but make sure you are taking time to get your feet up above your head every now and then...should help with the swelling.


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