Concerts, Mousse, and Bare Babies

10:25:00 PMCourtney Hale

So for Mother's Day my sister (Kristen) got me tickets to go see Ben Folds at House of Blues. That is pretty awesome considering I am a)not her mother and b)huh? But despite my confusion as to the WHY she got me the gift, I was SUPER grateful! Her husband, Colby, and her said that they wanted Kyle and I to have a night out. And so we did. It was a blast, of course. I adore Ben Folds and always have an awesome time doing anything with Kris and Colby.

Mother's Day was nice, nothing super special. Since I just got a car, I didn't get a gift from Kyle (Sophie) but that was fine. I did eat fajitas and mousse cake and STILL lost a pound. Thanks for giving me an awesome metabolism, P90X!

So, this evening something hilarious happened. I was trying to change Sophia's diaper and put her into her PJs and she was -as she always is lately- trying to flip over joyously onto her tummy. Well, she manages to pull that off and she was lying there looking adorable the way naked babies do and I hear my husband walking down the hall. I tell him to brace himself because he is about to walk in on the cutest thing ever. Right when he gets there and looks, Sophie starts to pee. A lot. Kyle just looked at me like "Why?! Why would you show me that?!" That definitely gave me the giggles. He had to stand her up so I could wipe her down and clean/sanitize her changing mat. Kyle took the opportunity to work with her on turning a light switch on and off (he does this a lot) and she stayed free as a bird (naked) the whole time. Adorable.

Night, all!

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  1. I was headed to bed and saw your husband does the light switch thing with mimi too awwww So happy you had fun at Ben Folds.


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