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9:57:00 PMCourtney Hale

Wow, I am EXHAUSTED. And I should be better and go downstairs to get my camera to add photos to this post, but alas, I am too lazy.

So, for those of you aware of the inner workings of my life, you know that this weekend I took my first in the field film job since having Sophia. This weekend also happened to be the same one that Kyle was leaving to go white water river rafting. So... that meant the Grandma-collective was called in to watch the baby. Now that she crawls, I can't help but feel guilty that she is wearing them out.

Anyway... I did my equipment check on Thursday night:

That is a glimpse of part of my 10 grand worth of tax deductible equipment that I have been building on over the last few years. Note the green screen in the background... that had nothing to do with the wedding I was filming, but I was doing green screen test shots using my daughter as a subject in case we (film crew) need it for next weekend... 48 Hour Film Project. *gulp*

So, anyway... filming the wedding. It went wonderfully. There was no learning curve, I was immediately back in my element, knowing the exact weight of the camera, the best way to hide the wireless mic on the groom, how to peacefully synchronize with the photographer... it was great. My back hurt, I got bit by ants, I was sweaty, but it felt nice. There is something powerful and freeing about wandering around with a fancy camera capturing priceless moments.

Now, on to next weekend, where I and my film friends will be competing in an international film competition. We have done it before. We have won numerous awards. And we still get nervous.

It is so worth it.

Night, all!

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  1. I'm so proud of you :-) didn't it just feel good to be the ol' court again? I bet you rocked it. Gold star super woman!


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