Cranky Pants and Luna Bars

10:36:00 PMCourtney Hale

So, lately Sophia has been really cranky. Blame it on teething, growing pains, neediness, whatever. I don't know, but she has been. I am therefore, super tired. It is hard when your baby gets fussy non-stop! Exhausting, mentally and physically.

However, today she was back to her normal self, which was wonderful. I had such a great day with her. Okay, honestly, even on her cranky days I still enjoy her, but I would be a liar if I pretended that her happier days weren't easier... they are!

Tangent: We had to lower her crib mattress all the way down on account of her a)being crazy tall and b) almost able to pull herself up. I get annoyed with how far down I have to lean over the railing to lay her down. =p

My newest addictions:

The lip gloss is tingly and a pretty color. Luna bars are a large reason I am dropping weight. I usually HATE bars like this (protein bars, etc.) but I am in love with these. I CRAVE them. They are not meal replacements, but add some lean protein (turkey, chicken, etc.) and maybe some extra dairy (string cheese, yogurt, etc.) and Bam! You have a super awesome meal that is perfect in conjunction to your workouts. And the way I workout, I NEED lots of vitamins and protein. I only like certain flavors though. And you all don't understand... I crave these more than I do ice cream or chocolate or something similar. It is crazy.

Night all!

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  1. OMG i LOVE luna bars, and the flavor you postes is my absolute favorite. but lately i am loving the lemon bar ones too. mmmm :) miss you!

  2. I love your blogs and videos on youtube! I first went onto youtube when I found out that I was expecting and searched for other "voices" from the beginning journey of pregnancy, motherhood, and having a family and randomly found "kyleandcourt" and have been so informed and excited by your updates, especially since you're living proof that pregnancy doesn't last forever!! :) Thank you for sharing your journey and I appreciate listening to a mommy-veteran!


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