15 Weekends

6:59:00 PMCourtney Hale

Check out this bad boy:

That is 25 weeks on the nose right there. I love it! He is kicking me right now.

So I updated the "Upcoming" box on this blog (look on your right) and I realized how little time we have left. Basically -if I go to term- 15 weekends. I count in weekends because it is difficult to get things done during the week with an active toddler running about. And a lot of those weekends are already booked up, so we actually have less constructive time. Here is the thing... I want to get stuff done NOW so that we aren't rushing around at the last minute like we did with Sophie. There is always stuff to be done at the last second, and I am very okay with that, but there really isn't any good reason to not have all the main stuff done. Then, I can sit back and let everything take its course. Oh, and really try to ENJOY being pregnant, which is something I love. I don't like how fast everything is rushing by. 

On the same note, I really like getting ready for a baby. It is so fun and exciting! It thrills me. Yet another reason I don't want to feel rushed while preparing... I want to be able to enjoy it. =) 

I smell a list making session coming on. I love lists. I also love cake, but that is another story. 

We sent out the shower invites, WOO! I designed them myself and can't wait to show everyone (which I will as soon as they are received). However, I haven't even completed the registry yet. Whoops. I am working on that right now. All the little baby stuff makes me excited. =) 

This is what happens when I go shopping with Sophie and try to give her freedom.

Blast from the Past: My gorgeous sister and I at Disney World. I took her there, just her and I, for her college graduation gift. I was 24 and she was 22.


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  1. Aww glad you're enjoying yourself. But I'm sure it will be a lot of fun also when baby boy is here! You know, after the whirlwind first days (or even during, whenever you get some sleep :). Great pics btw!

  2. I miss being pregnant :-(

    Can't wait to have my next one!

    Love your blogs and vlogs so keep up the good work :-)

  3. oh i have no idea why it has me signed in as bloogerman1984??? you might recognize me from my facebook name Shannon-Christopher Milliorn.


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