Hunting for Eggs

4:14:00 PMCourtney Hale

 We had a sick Sophia this week which was no fun at all, but like most toddlers, she took it in stride. Still, you just feel bad for them!

Our 4D ultrasound was yesterday and it was so exciting! My mother, Mother-in-Law, sister, sister-in-law, Kyle and I all watched as the tech showed off our son, Grayson. Kyle pretty much summed it up when he said it was so neat that we get to see a baby like this. It is incredible. It is hard to grasp that this little thing bumping around inside of you is a real life person. Amazing!

Sophie seemed better this morning, so we decided to go to our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt/Party. The Easter Bunny showed up in a limo (hahaha!) and it was Sophie's first time to see him. She was instantly intrigued and WANTED THAT BUNNY. We did the "Little Kids" egg hunt and Sophie just got it. She had her little basket, went for an egg, and the rest was history. I told Kyle that this was one of my favorite parts of being a parent... it was all just so new and thrilling for her and it was a blast to be a part of.

We went and visited the Easter Bunny, got a cookie and some water, and then it happened. Sophie kept trying to run to the Easter Bunny but there was a line and lots of kids who hadn't seen him yet and it was just too much for her to take. She had a total melt down. She has never EVER been like that in public (Thank the Lord!) and it was awful. She really liked that Easter Bunny. We got back in line so she could see him again and that was great, but as soon as we went to leave, off she went again. It was like the end of the world and to her, it probably was. It would have been funny if we weren't so frazzled! We got home, stripped her down to her diaper and out of her frilly Easter dress, gave her a capri sun water, and she was happy as could be. We suspect she was still not feeling tip top and us telling her no repeatedly set her off. Aside from us mean parents denying her a giant bunny, I think it was a successful morning. And later, at home, she said "Easter Bunny!" and that pretty much made our day.

Now, she is off to play at Grandma's and Kyle and I are going to paint the nursery. =)


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  1. She is the cutest lil girl! I love the pic of you and Sophie. Her dress is very pretty. I bet she loved it. You look really good too! Wow all baby!


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