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Drinking Liquid Sugar

6:11:00 PMCourtney Hale

Sounds fun, right? *sarcasm* I had the beloved 1 hour oral glucose test today. Last time I had orange, this time fruit punch. Which one was better? I don't know... it was a toss up. They aren't as bad to me as they are to some people but I don't enjoy them. And come on! It is hard to drink anything quickly the way you are suppose to drink them, blech! Below are some embarrassing screen shots stolen from the video I shot documenting the downing of 50 grams of basically sugar. =)

Here we go...

Shaking it up!

The first swig... Whoa! Sugar rush!

Seriously? This is the best test for this kind of thing they could come up with?

It dyed my tongue red!

Finished... and I look kind of angry. Understandable.

Verdict? The fruit punch REALLY REALLY cold was not so bad. Neither was the orange last time. I did get queasy about 10 mins after finishing, but as my body burned off the sugar, I felt better.

Results? I passed!! One hour late and my level was 121, so now I don't have to endure the three hour test.

Sweet! (Literally)


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  1. haha, i had a nasty lime one, I was hoping to get orange, but they gave me lime, it was gross! Yay for passing and not having to do a 3 hour one :)


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