Brief update and a Rant (you've been warned!)

4:40:00 PMCourtney Hale

Hello all. The house is coming along nicely. We are now at that "all the little things" stage, which is actually much more annoying than the "big stuff" stage. For example, the game room is done... except for organizing all the workstation stuff. The bedroom is done... except for organizing the closet. Get the picture? Just all the remaining "things" so the house is currently in this kind of disheveled state where you can almost taste completion, ie. organized finality!

We did order our living room furniture which I ADORE. We even splurged and got a leather gliding recliner that is gorgeous and of which my father will be very jealous of.

Well, I am (just about)8 months pregnant now and I am definitely getting more sensitive/emotional. I suppose I assumed since I haven't really been (only a little), I would just pass up this normal pregnancy symptom, but alas, no. My biggest issue as of late is being told what I can do. No, I didn't mis-write that, I didn't mean being told what I CAN'T do, but literally, what I can. I expected to be bombarded with the "you can't do thats" and "you shouldn't do thats" so those type of comments roll right off me and I can honestly take them as the loving/caring/concerned involvement that they are. Great. It is the OTHER side that is REALLY irking me. People tell me "Oh, you can do that, you'll be fine." or "Oh you will feel like THIS at that point anyway" and so on, and so on.

(here I go...)

Okay, so there is a BIG difference between telling someone how YOU were at x point in your pregnancy or post pregnancy and telling them how they WILL BE. You aren't me, I am not you. I have never been in this position before and I don't know exactly how I will be a) feeling b) feel like doing or c) feel like not doing. So how could you possibly know? Like I said, there is a difference b/w sharing your wisdom/experience and JUST TELLING SOMEONE that this is how it WILL be b/c it was that way for you. EVERYONE and EVERY PREGNANCY is different. And so help me if you scoff when I have the nerve to stand up for what I am feeling or if I decide what I want to do based on my situation and not yours. Oooo, and don't get me started on those who have NEVER even been pregnant telling me "I will be fine" or "Oh, at that point you will want to do this" etc. What?!?!

*Sigh* I never go off into rants like this except to very few private individuals. However, I believe that is exactly why I am in this situation. I just smile or vaguely agree to avoid conflict and so can I really blame people for deciding these things for me? Which is exactly why I have reached the point where I am speaking out instead of just being really irritated and venting to K about it. (Who always encourages me to SAY something.)

So there that is. I know this is a tone I almost never take and part of me will want to delete it all and stay "sweet" but... no, I think this time I should say something because it has been really bothering me, escalating and it IS something I suspect many pregnant ladies (especially the first timers) go through.

I promise I am very happy still. Just don't give me grief if I make up my own mind about what I feel like doing at this late stage in the pregnancy and postpartum with my little girl. =) Just tired of all that along with some crazy emotional hormones.

On the plus side, the shower is this weekend. We have our first Childbirth A-Z class tonight and the Maternity Ward tour is tomorrow. Yay! Baby related productivity!

More later.


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