6 Months of Awesome

9:50:00 PMCourtney Hale

Today is the first day in a really long time I haven't cared about food. (And didn't eat much as a result.)


Had a very busy week which is why all of my vlogs are behind. (I know some of you may want to shake me for not getting the second floor of our house video up.) I have a lot to say and no, none of it is really important. Maybe I will just Mom Vlog it all tomorrow. And do my weight loss recap. And get Sophie's 6 Month Baby Vlog up.

Yup, 'Phie is half a year old. What with the what now? And today she did something that made me gasp with joy. But, you guessed it, I will talk about it via the old vlog.

Sophie's 6 month check up is tomorrow. Am very curious about her weight and height. (I suspect mighty and high.)

Am less curious about my own weight. (I kid.)

Most random blog ever.

Night all!

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  1. Dude what's with all the nosy people wanting to see your digs?

    I walked 12.3 miles last week just for you---well, for me really, but you too :-) Have a great night!


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