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10:41:00 PMCourtney Hale

So does everyone like my new spring background? Made it myself with digital scrapbook stuff.

So, one of my favorite authors in the world is Jasper Fforde. I ADORE him. His books are intelligent, exiting, and more imaginative than this world. Most of his books reward book lovers in that they constantly reference or include past popular literature. For example, The Eyre Affair involves are world where traveling into books is possible and someone has kidnapped Jane Eyre! So now, people across the world are trying to read the book and she just isn't in it. I mean, come on. That is a SUPER FUN and creative idea. Anyway, the reason I am mentioning all this is because I just started his newest book, Shades of Grey last night and I am already enthralled with it. LOVE a good book.

Oh man. I HAVE to get to bed earlier tonight so I really can't stay on here long.

And no pics this blog b/c I left my camera downstairs and yes, I am THAT lazy.

So, Sophia has started a love affair with her exersaucer. She has liked it for awhile, but now, oh man. True love. She just LOVES to jump in it. Bounce bounce bounce. It is hilarious. And the whole time she looks THRILLED.

Ooo, and speaking of thrilled... took her swimming for the first time!!! LOVED IT! Will vlog about it with some footage.

She is sitting wonderfully now. As soon as I recorded the vlog about how she wasn't doing it, she started doing it. We discovered something. She can actually sit really well. Too well, considering, and we realized that she is too active to sit. She will sit and then plop! She wants to be on her belly so she can move about! Also, I feel like we are going to have to time-lapse film her because we can't figure out how someone who can't crawl yet manages to get from one side of the room to the other without rolling. I am telling you, we will stare at her and we know she is moving - and with a purpose and a direction - but can't quite figure out how it is happening! Madness, I tell ya'!

She's great. Oh, and she has had pears, bananas, and peaches now. She likes it all but I thought she would be more enthusiastic. However, she went from bouts of constipation to multiple poops daily! (Hey, you should expect this kind of talk on a mom blog!) So... yeah... hoping that slows a bit. It will, after her system adjusts. ;p

Night all!

(Warning: I am SO not proofing this. Please excuse the possible grammatical mess.)

PS: I have been totally rocking the elliptical machine!

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  1. ooo! i can't wait to read shades of grey!

  2. I read "The Eyre Affair" with my book club--my pick. I loved it but sadly, no one in the group really read it! Good book. I think I might have to pick up the next in the series when I can squeeze in another book. :)


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