Happy Sunday

11:56:00 AMCourtney Hale

Rice cereal breaks out Sophia's face. =( Switching to oatmeal to see if that is better. The veggies do not break her out.

Ugh, our backyard is COVERED in clover. Not cute. Poor Kyle is out there hand pulling some of it now. I am excited to have our nice green yard back because it will be fun to let Sophie play out there.

Check out my cute new dress:

I am a little too heavy to wear it by its lonesome but it looks great with black capri tights. I have been kind of avoiding clothes shopping b/c I want to wait and lose weight but this is super transitional and.... I got it on clearance for $8!! Wow! I also used to hate purple but I was feeling it with this one.

We installed new bookshelves to expand our existing ones. I think they look amazing in our game room! Those are the same shelves you often see in the background of my vlogs... but now taller!

Okay, I have to go get ready for my sister's birthday lunch, plus look at who just woke up from her morning nap!

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  1. Love the dress--where did you find it? You should take a photo of yourself in it now and one when you hit your goal--then look at them and feel damn proud

  2. LOVE the dress and look forward to seeing how cute it looks on you. I need a dress mannequin - can you tell me where you got yours from?


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