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9:48:00 PMCourtney Hale

Vlog will be posted delayed this week.

We went on the Maternity Tour at the hospital this evening. It was a lot of information and thankfully not a ton of walking, although I wasn't having an issue with that, fortunately. While the instructor was going through everything, I got this surge of anticipation/excitement. I wrote "Eeeeeee" on the bottom of a piece of paper and passed it to K. He wrote back "Eeeeee" as well. He was feeling it too. My favorite part of it all? Seeing tiny just born babies. K pointed out that newborns were bigger than he thought and I agreed. And I have to carry that.

We also made some decisions about who gets to be in the room with me. As it stands, during the actual baby being born part, just K. During the laboring part, we have a hierarchy which I am not going to post about, but yes, there is an ordered list. Honestly, there is only one individual we anticipate having a problem with and that is only because they tend to say stupid and inconsiderate things BUT not out of spite (they are very loving!), just because they DON'T think about the effect it has on others. Obviously, I anticipate being a bit tense and don't want to be in a position to get annoyed/worked up at someone. There is going to be a lot of "playing it by ear" *laugh*. I am just going to see how I feel. K has warned me that I don't have to be diplomatic. I tend to be that way... I would rather be upset than make others upset, but giving birth is not the time for that. So, personal goal is to not be worried about everyone else being okay, but to worry about the baby and myself. Phew.

It is just all SO real and I am feeling very excited. A baby -my baby!- is coming soon! Amazing. I am also feeling this surge of control.... you would think at this point I would feel like everything was happening too fast or was getting out of hand, BUT instead I am feeling more confident and eager to take charge and plunge forward towards the birth of Sophie. A form of nesting, I am sure. I am also sure it won't last, so I should be as productive and planning now before it passes. =)

I am so, so, so excited for the baby shower this weekend. My best friends from out of town are coming in and I am really looking forward to everything.


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  1. So glad that you got to see the hospital wing you'll be having Sophie in and that you are getting excited! 8 more weeks! It'll be here before you know it!

  2. OH I just cant wait for my tour of the hospital it is later this month!

  3. Hi Court, I love your videos on youtube, just wanted to drop by & say congrats! Have a fabulous shower, can't wait to see the all the gifts & the nursery.


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