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1:38:00 PMCourtney Hale

First... Linda, you can get the tree here: http://storesense4.megawebservers.com/modernwallgraphics_com/-strse-250/wall-decal-sticker-graphic/Detail.bok

Alright... so as we speak my husband and my father-in-law are sawing a hole in my wall downstairs. *sigh* This is to install some super fancy flush in the wall digital thermostat that K deems "totally worth it"... Well, okay then. Although we already had a nice digital thermostat, but he promises more efficiency. We'll see. We have two AC units, one up and one down, and the downstairs one is now the test one. I am just not fond of unnecessary holes being cut into walls and promises of "simple patch work" if it needs it. K is awesome and he works hard... harder than most guys around or about his age, but it is the detail work of some of his little improvement projects that gets passed over. And everyone knows the details are often what counts b/c that is what "makes" something. Oh man, I love him for his enthusiasm though.

Alright... so last night K and I had a super enjoyable dinner with my parent's. We always do... they are so fun. This morning my dad and K went to Ikea to purchase some shelves we needed for the living room, oh and a nightstand for Sophie's room. Awesome, more things to check off the list. I woke up -annoyingly- at 6:30ish and couldn't get back to sleep... Soooo, I got up and started cleaning. Yay me. Three loads of laundry done, including Sophie's newest stuff. (I despise laundry so this is a big deal.) Vacuumed the entire downstairs AND the stairs and in a minute will do the upstairs. (Give me some credit... we have a 2600 sq ft house!) And then have been doing just general cleaning. K gets to dust. There is a LOT to dust. My portion of the hospital bag is just about done and I am about to go work some on Sophie's stuff. This isn't hard, as I am not bringing a ton. I need -want- to go finish up her room and put away the tons of stuff from the shopping spree.

I am in total go mode, apparently.

Sophie is energetically hiccuping right now and as much as I enjoy her rhythmic bumping, I am wishing it would stop. Feels weird... She gets them constantly. Work those little lungs, S!

Before I return to life, guess what I get to do for 24 hours starting tomorrow? A Urinalysis test! Oh boy. And I have to keep the *cough* product in the fridge. Nice. Then on Monday morning, I will transport it to my doctor's office for testing as well as get another exam. Sophie will get checked to. I am a little paranoid about her health since our Thursday appointment and will feel better when they check on her. From there I will get the official "Let's have the baby right NOW" [I hope NOT] or things look status quo so come back on Wednesday or Thursday to check on things again. Ideally, things will be as is on Monday and I will be given a tentative induction date for the week of the 7th. Who has been induced out there? The issue I have with being induced is the increased risk of a cesarean section. I know it is not the end of the world if this happens - and obviously, if Sophie is stressed, no problem, do it - but I would rather not. So, if you have been induced, let me know your experiences! =)


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  1. Hey! so I have been induced with all my kids....and am scheduled to be induced with #4 on September 10th! I've never had any issues...however, I was never induced as early as you, since my dr. will only do it a week or less from my due date. let me know if you have any questions and I can answer the best i can from my experiences.... :)

  2. I was induced with 2 out of 4 of my kids. Never had any problems. The first time I was induced with cervadil with pitocin and the second time with just pitocin. If you have any question just ask!


  3. Thank you, you're a doll. :) I love this tree.

    Thinking of you today!

  4. Thinking of you.. just wanna make sure everything is ok...

  5. Oh thank you for putting up the link to that page I just ordered the Safari Animals wall slicks because my sons room is jungle themed!! THANKS!

  6. I was induced with my son, but I was 42 weeks at that stage and the labour failed. He was way too big, didnt engage, and without the pressure of his head on my cervix, I didnt dilate. I ended up having a c-section. I am now 28 weeks pregnant with my second little boy, just been diagnosed with a kidney infection, so on antibiotics for that. This little one is breech and there is no way I will let them turn him, so it looks like another c-section for me. You sound like you are TOTALLY nesting!!

  7. Courtney,
    I watch your blog and saw that you were pretty dissapointed about the bird lamp. My girlfriend also had the bird theme in her little girls room, and we found the lamp on e-bay. They have one on e-bay for $30.00ish, I think it's only bright enough for a night light, but it's super cute. Here is the link just in case you wanted to get it.


    Pottery barn also had a "bird theme" called Penelope Brooke, which is where this lamp came from. But you can google that name and it will pull up some stuff. Good luck with your little one coming early!


  8. I was induced at 36 weeks with me it went by pretty fast and saying she is going to be smaller then a full term you shouldn't have a problem. Unless your body wont dilate. But i think you'll do fine
    my doctors say i might have my baby next week or hopefully ill last longer i am 34 weeks now.
    I wish you the best of luck and just go with the flow

  9. Linda from Norway - is waiting for Sophie! ;)September 1, 2009 at 2:08 PM

    Hi Courtney

    It's night here now (9 pm) so I probably won't see your next update until I get to work tomorrow. But I can't wait to see you and your husband! I'm excited to know what's going on with the birthplans... *butterflies* Haha.

    I bet Sophie will have lots of dark hair, big blue eyes and fair skin. I have a feeling she'll look like her mother. She'll definitely be beautiful!


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