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10:48:00 AMCourtney Hale

Quick update.

The baby shower went very well... had a great time and will vlog/post pics about it later.

I did way too much this weekend so my feet were SO swollen, ew. I am going to HAVE to start turning some activities down b/c honestly it does get that bad.

The house is coming along quite nicely. More and more of those "little" things are getting done. I finished the work station in the game room and the office closet. I am going to go work on the master bathroom later today. Slowly coming along...

So my stomach, which is now littered with stretch marks, has been slowly driving me mad. Why didn't someone tell me that stretch marks HURT/BURN/ITCH like crazy? Eek.

Little Sophie has been quite the mover and the shaker lately. So vigorous. I love it.

More later,

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  1. my stretch marks never itched...at least i don't remember them itching...interesting...hope you feel better soon with the itching belly and swollen ankles. I have been swelling lately...must just be that I am 2 months out.

  2. hey there! i have heard of stretch marks itching. in fact, everytime i itch i'm paranoid that it's because i'm getting stretch marks. but you know, they make stuff to help minimize/fade them for later. mederma and strivectin are some products you should look into if you're really concerned. plus i think tanning works. i have stretch marks on my hips from growing up and tanning them has made them pretty much gone forever.


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