Heading South

11:18:00 AMCourtney Hale

Hey all!
So, feeling confident I just have PUPPPS (although, ICK!) because my doctor's office has a No News is Good News policy and it has now been a week and no call! Nice. Have my normal Dr.'s appointment on Thursday where we will figure everything out. At my last appointment the Dr. was all about getting the baby delivered at term (37 weeks) but I am hopeful we may not have to. We'll see. I am having an ultrasound to check her size and position as well.

Baby H (haven't called her that in awhile) has decided to head south, that's right... she is dropping down - and noticeably! I hope she is heading south head down, but we'll see. She definitely kicks up high, so....

And also, 5 weeks left *IF* I go all the way. Wow. And 1 week to 9 months. 9 MONTHS pregnant. Geez. I mean, at the longest... SO soon. That is just mind boggling.

I am finishing up my hospital bag this week. I have been trying to take in the advice from people who have already done this. I really don't want to haul in a bunch of extra stuff, but at the same time, I want what I want. We live maybe 10 mins away from the hospital, so seriously? We can go grab something if we want. I have also been thinking a lot about right after the baby comes. Do I want a bunch of people over? Probably not. And I don't want people crowding my baby. That's right. I haven't even had her yet and I am worrying about that. But you know what? She is my baby and I am going hog her and I am going to not leaving her at home with her father or a babysitter if I don't feel like leaving her yet and I am going to decide who gets to help feed or bathe her... That protective mommy-ness is kicking in! Apparently, pregnancy and future motherhood has brought out my "Don't even TRY that with me" side. Who knew? =) As mentioned in an early vlog/ blog, I am still highly irritated when people inform me of what I will feel like doing or want to do.

Besides that new "edge" to my emotions, I am feeling super happy and excited. I mean, BABY!


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  1. This made me laugh "do I want a bunch of people over..probably not..." lol. I posted a blog in reference to you last week.


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