SO close!

7:51:00 PMCourtney Hale

Hello all! Had my Doctor's appointment today and my belly was looking HORRIBLE so I figured something was wrong. Turns out my skin is reacting very poorly to the stretching. Basically, the baby is growing perfectly but my belly is not. =( My skin freaked out! So it is all red and raised and looks AWFUL, but she said I am doing everything right (moisturizing, not scratching) and she prescribed a cream to help. She did say that I need to take it easy to allow the swelling in my feet to go down. I told her I didn't think I had been THAT busy at which point she said that our definitions may be different. I know, I KNOW. Moving on, everything else was perfect. No weight gain (part of why my belly is stretching too much) and perfect blood pressure. Baby sounded great. I have one more appointment in 2 weeks at which point they will do an ultrasound to check her position and size for labor.... then I start going every week! Wow. I am at THAT point.

SO excited.

I purchased some organizers and a diaper caddy so I can get her room organized. I have so many of the items from the shower just sitting about b/c I prefer to have a nice specific place for everything before I put it away. Now I do! Earlier this week I washed all of her bedding, clothing, etc. with Dreft so it is all ready! The crib is finally made up and looks WONDERFUL. =)

The house is SO close. Just random things left, like hanging pictures or taking things to goodwill.

The baby shower video is up on youtube. =)


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  1. i am really not wanting to use dreft. i love gain apple mango and downey liquid fabric softener. i used that on all the baby clothes i've gotten so far. my baby better not be allergic to anything, or i'm screwed.

  2. I actually use All Free and Clear on all of the family's clothes including the baby's. It's 1/3 the price and is scent and die free, which is the whole point of dreft right? Save your dollars for those cute outfits! Glad you had a great shower!


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