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10:43:00 PMCourtney Hale

So you know that little elephant ticker in the header of my blog that says 33 days until Sophie arrives? Apparently it knows nothing b/c ready or not, she is coming early.

That's right. I had my doctor's appointment today and with all my confidence that "it was just PUPPPS" it turns out that I have a few other issues going on and now little Sophie does too. (watch "medical update" vlog to hear me get into it) Basically... I am too swollen, too itchy, have too much protein in my urine (again), slightly too high blood pressure (by my normal BP standards).... and so on and so on and have reached the point where my body has decided I am too pregnant to be normal. No clue why. As for Baby Hale, well she has too much flow through her umbilical cord which can cause respiratory issues as well as worse problems if the flow decides to go the other way.

So... shopping spree! Tonight we bought just about everything in our self-made category 1 (aka: items we deemed needed before she comes). It turned out to be a lot. It is all lying on her floor b/c we were exhausted by the time we got home and I will fix it all up this weekend.

I am doing surprisingly well. I think I got the majority of my freaking out done after my last Dr.'s appointment and now I have just accepted that this is all happening and so it goes.

I am SUPER excited to see her.

I was going to write more... but I am SO tired. And itchy. And sore. :) Vlog watch instead!

Night all!

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  1. Wow, so much is going on right now. Must be superexciting and a little scary at the same time. Only days until you'll get to meet her now. Aw!

    Love that wall art tree for Sophie's nursery. You didn't happen to buy it online? If so, where?

    Good luck next week!

  2. How exciting! Can't wait to see little sophie photos posted!! I wish you all the luck in your upcoming labor and birthing experience. I hope it is everything you want it to be. Buy some newborn clothes! lol My little girl was 8 lbs 7oz and wore newborn diapers and clothes for 2 weeks, so if your little one is 6 or so lbs, you may need newborn stuff for awhile. Have a nice dinner out with your husband too before you have the baby, my husband and I did that and it was really special. Ps-really like the beautiful ring he gave you, how special. I need to show that vlog to my husband and say "where's my beautiful new mom gift eh?"

  3. Wow!! I really need to mail your gift now. I hope all goes well. I bet she will be beautiful just like her mom. love ya!


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